St Leonards Bowling Club
St Leonards Bowling Club

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St Leonards Bowling Club

“St Leonard’s now has two world class TigerWeave bowling greens to offer its members and visiting teams. The club would like to thank the team from TigerTurf who completed the work, led by Andrew, Shaun and Glen; what a respectful, professional and hard-working team. Thank you from all at St Leonard’s Bowling Club.”




Date Project Completed

Dec 2021






Tiger Weave



Existing base used


Major improvements over recent years have resulted in synthetic bowling surfaces being accepted by bowlers at the highest level. TigerTurf’s TigerWeave is a non-filled woven surface manufactured by world-renowned Greengauge exclusively for TigerTurf. TigerWeave is the ideal surface for bowlers, throughout a 12-month season

St Leonard’s Bowling Club and TigerTurf enjoy a long, successful working relationship

TigerTurf had replaced the A green bowling surface at St Leonards Bowling Club with TigerWeave two years earlier. When it was time to replace the club’s B Green surface, the club asked TigerTurf to install another world class TigerWeave green surface. After two years of bowling on their own TigerWeave green, they believed it was the best surface on the market to bowl on. Visiting teams whole-heartedly agreed.

TigerWeave bowling greens offer the best bowling surface on the market

Bowlers who have bowled on a TigerWeave green are enthusiastic in praise for the responsive, technical advantages they experience on a TigerWeave green. At every level, players enjoy a better game on this top-rated green than on a standard green. 

They appreciate the consistent roll and speed they experience on the non-filled, woven surface. TigerTurf installs our TigerWeave green surfaces over a rubber pad to give players extra comfort when standing for long periods. It also extends the playing life of the green.

The TigerTurf laser-levelled, engineered base supports the true, consistent ball roll TigerWeave is famous for and will drain the green during rainfall, allowing play to resume sooner.

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