St Simon the Apostle Primary School
St Simon the Apostle Primary School

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St Simon the Apostle Primary School

TigerTurf playground surfaces for young children are safe, attractive and low maintenance – no more working bees to replace worn ground covers!





Date Project Completed

April 2017




TigerTurf Summer Envy 35


Crushed rock and 45mm TigerPad

The St Simon Story

The St Simon Story

The junior playground at St Simon the Apostle Primary School has some great climbing equipment. Unfortunately the ground cover of mulch required a high level of maintenance and no longer met the safety expectations of the school.

Low maintenance, Attractive, Safe Playground Surfaces

Low maintenance, Attractive, Safe Playground Surfaces

We suggested TigerTurf Summer Envy, our most popular landscape lawn in soft summery green tones threaded with a sun-bronzed thatch for warm texture. An attractive, low maintenance landscape lawn, this one remains soft, clean and appealing all year round. It forms a durable, all-seasons playground surface when it is laid over our TigerPad 45 safety pad. Combined, the two products meet the certified critical fall height of 2 metres beneath the climbing equipment, allowing youngsters to discover the laws of physics, safely.

TigerTurf Summer Envy 35

Whether you are a homeowner wanting a beautifully manicured lawn, a business requiring attractive landscape and workspaces, a landscape designer looking for a unique solution for your clients or a council needing to provide natural landscapes but are restricted by access, maintenance and water supplies …talk to TigerTurf. TigerTurf Summer Envy 35 is a beautiful and authentic alternative to dry climate natural grass. The wide blade and high-density thatch provide a soft and comfortable feel under foot. Constructed using green and beige coloured stands, this product gives a realistic impression of recently mowed grass with some blades dying and others growing.

Cheerful, Colourful and Safe

High maintenance playground surfaces cause hard work

What appears to be an easy, cheap option for surfacing junior playground areas often turns out to be hard work.

• Most older ground covers need to be replaced or topped up at frequent intervals
• They take some time to tidy up at the end of each day
• Finding small toys in mulch can be a challenge
• Small children struggle to walk through deep mulch
• Some ground covers are no longer regarded as being safe enough to cushion children’s falls from playing equipment

The school asked TigerTurf to design a fresh, low maintenance playground that would meet all safe fall regulations and be easy to keep clean and tidy.

TigerTurf low maintenance, attractive, safe playground surfaces

• The new TigerTurf surface meets all critical fall height restrictions
• It has been installed over entire playing area as an essential safety precaution for young children in the care of the school
• This allows equipment to be moved and new pieces added, while retaining the recommended safe fall height

The existing mulch was removed by TigerTurf and piled ready to be used in the school gardens. Now that’s a thrifty and environmentally sound idea. The durable, inviting lawn beneath the playground sets off the bright colours of the climbing equipment in a cheerful, reassuringly safe partnership.