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Recycling with Ecocept

By admin on March 1, 2018

TigerTurf takes innovative approach to plastic recycling

As our ecosystems become choked with plastic waste, and the single-use plastic debate rages, real solutions appear elusive.  TigerTurf, a manufacturer of synthetic turf products, is very conscious of the plastic debate and is continually researching solutions for its end of life products. 

One solution, which has been in development for past few years and was launched commercially last year, is the recycling of plastic and rubber waste into TigerTurf’s Ecocept performance sports bases.

Ecocept has the potential to be a major game changer as a receptacle of plastic waste as the raw material in the production of, not only sports bases, but potentially any area where asphalt or paving are currently being used.

So, what is Ecocept? 

Ecocept was developed by the clever folks at TenCate to revolutionise the construction of high performance sports base systems.  It is a porous pavement, specifically developed for synthetic turf athletic playing surfaces.  It is a simpler, faster and environmentally sustainable construction process that combines several critical functions in one layer:

What makes it so good?

TenCate Ecocept ™ is manufactured on site using 80 – 90% recycled end-of-life waste plastics and rubber mixed with a binder to a pre-determined ratio. Any waste plastic can be used, including old synthetic turf which has the potential to be recycled into even better new synthetic turf fields..


This product also allows the field to be irrigated with minimal water loss reducing the cost of water. An irrigated field makes for enhanced playability and cooler field temperatures on hot days

It integrates seamlessly with TigerTurf’s synthetic turf products enhancing biomechanical performance.


So where are we using Ecocept?

Ecocept is currently being used in two major projects in New Zealand; at the new MetroPark Hockey centre in Millwater, Auckland and at Elim Christian College, Auckland, where a multi sports field is well underway.

The MetroPark hockey field of 6,000m2 will consume approx. 45,000kg’s of plastic waste and old car tyres previously destined for landfill.

The Elim Christian College mantra is that it aims for each student to be inspired, responsible, academically and practically skilled, lifelong learners and in this case the school is putting into practice what it preaches with its new multi sports field adopting TigerTurfs new Ecocept base and sports pad. 


The new Ecocept pad at Elim Christian College is diverting almost 30,000 kg's of plastic and rubber waste that would have ended up in landfill into the base and sports pad for its new multi sports field.

This new, world first, product is gaining significant traction with customers excited by the sports and engineering performance and the exceptional drainage characteristics of the pad but also by the re-using of waste products diverting it from landfill.




Recap on Sustainability

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