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Tennis: Synthetic tennis court turfs for club, school, and home

Synthetic turf tennis courts are extremely popular in both clubs and residences.  They provide the consistency, performance, comfort and safety that players of all levels require.  TigerTurf’s tennis range can replicate the different bounce, ball speed and performance of a range of surface types whether you prefer grass, clay or hard courts.  We offer:

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For Tennis Clubs

Well planned, top performing synthetic turf tennis systems are intrinsic to the success of your club.  Quality courts will:

TigerTurf has tennis surfaces are suited for players of all abilities and ages as well as for international and national competitions. 

For Private Use

A good tennis court will become an attractive feature of your home and give you years of fun with your family and friends.

TigerTurf design, build, manufacture, install and maintain synthetic tennis court turf.  We manufacture all our tennis courts to order.  Our experience and expertise, gained over 36 years of developing synthetic turf sports systems, means you can be confident we are the best company to build the right tennis court for your requirements.


Services provided - Designing the courts to best suit your site


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TigerTurf install and maintain artificial tennis court turfs

Our team at TigerTurf can design, manufacture, install and maintain your synthetic tennis court turf. With 36 years of research and innovation in the development of artificial turf behind us, we have specialised experience to bring to your tennis court project.

For a seriously good tennis court that will become an attractive feature of your home and give you years of fun with your family and friends, ask TigerTurf to build you the right tennis court for your conditions.

Tiger Turf’s medium pile surfaces, including favourites Tournament and Tournament 1000, are long lasting, low maintenance and fit into any home and landscaped setting. Their texturised short pile surfaces, such as Advantage and Trophy are highly durable surfaces suitable for, not only tennis, but a range of other sports. With suitable line markings for hockey, tennis, netball and basketball, your TigerTurf tennis court can be turned into a multi-sport training ground.

Multi-sport courts enable Tennis Clubs to create sustainable community facilities. See how Mt Wellington Tennis and Sports Club has re-invented itself as a modern, diversified community club attracting players with a range of sporting options - all played on TigerTurf.

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