Synthetic Turf Specialist

Stansbury Bowling Club

Stansbury, South Australia

The TigerTurf SuperGreen bowling surface at Stansbury Bowling Club is a cool and inviting green beneath the dazzling South Australian blue sky.

Those seemingly endless clear summer days of the South Australian summer may seem enviable to those of us in damper climates, but the members of Stansbury Bowling Club find the new TigerTurf SuperGreen more suited to their conditions, without the variation in playing quality common to grass greens, which require plenty of TLC.

Unfazed by weeks of hot, dry sunshine, the synthetic green surface plays consistently with a reliable trajectory and excellent speed. Even more impressive is the minimal care required to keep the green at top performance.

When the club members decided it was time to transform their existing grass green into a 10 rink SuperGreen surface, they put time and energy into some serious testing of the bowling greens at the local clubs.

After many playing hours, they decided that TigerTurf SuperGreen met their needs perfectly. It was also well-recommended by the clubs that had already installed this top quality surface and were enthusiastic in its praise.

The installation team designed and constructed a new TigerTurf base to give the stable support required to maintain the new SuperGreen surface at its peak performance for many years.

They also adjusted and installed new ditch walls, new plinths and new surrounds.

The club green is in tip-top order now, and all set for some pretty fierce competition. The consistent playing quality of the synthetic green allows the club to plan tournaments round the year, and to include twilight play on the club calendar, extending the capacity to boost club funds.

Date Project Completed: August 2016

Area: 1,798m2

Surface: TigerTurf SuperGreen

Base: Full Build Dynamic Base

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