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By jos-mckenzie on May 17, 2017

Watered hockey pitches are the norm at top level hockey tournaments. 

A watered pitch presents fast, consistent playing conditions and a soft surface for hockey sticks and knees. But what other benefits come from watering the pitch?

But there are also many down sides, which not only affect the players but also the spectators.


Potentially, water can be wasted. Depending on wind direction, some of the water may drift away from the hockey field and onto spectators, the car park and sometimes missing some of the hockey pitch.


TigerTurf is continuously looking for ways to improve the performance of the synthetic turf systems, looking beyond just the artificial grass surface to base systems, irrigation systems and lighting systems that will create superior playing fields.

TigerTurf’s latest innovation is the development of TenCate’s EcoCept base system which takes TigerTurf hockey pitches up to the next level.




It doesn’t look like much, but Ecocept is a carefully engineered shockpad a highly efficient drainage system and an eco-friendly building solution for sports fields. 

The EcoCept base system was developed specifically to support our technical sports surfaces, improving shock absorption and drainage. It uses recyclable plastic material, and can reuse the synthetic grass from obsolete pitches. It also reduces water wastage, site excavation and base preparation.


EcoCept absorbs shock readily, reducing impact injuries


Irrigation and drainage of hockey pitches using TigerTurf EcoCept


Reduces disturbance of the site and construction costs


Made from recycled and recyclable materials

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