5 amazing benefits of resurfacing your old 3G pitch

resurfacing your old 3G pitch

Resurfacing your old 3G pitch


resurfacing your old 3G pitch, If your school or club had the foresight to invest in an AstroTurf pitch a good few years ago, you’ll know exactly how beneficial an all-weather playing surface can be. But as an early adopter, you may also find that your pitch is close to reaching the end of its natural life. After all, all good things come to an end at some point.

So, what are the benefits of resurfacing your old artificial grass with a brand new 3G pitch?

1.It will look much better

While one of the best things about artificial grass is its durability, even the most thorough maintenance regime might struggle to prevent the grass from flattening after 12 years or more of use. Once the grass does start to flatten, it won’t quite have the appearance of a high performing sports field, which is one of the reasons it might be time to resurface. The more appealing your pitch looks to play on, the more people will want to use it, which is never a bad thing.

2. It will be safer to play on

The flattening of the grass over time not only stops the pitch from looking its best but may also start to affect player safety too. Flattened yarn can become particularly slippery after it has been rained on, which might hamper the traction of players’ footwear.

3.You can meet FIFA’s current standards

Just like the quality of surface changes from one generation of artificial grass to the next, so too do FIFA’s testing and accreditation standards. If your pitch hasn’t been tested to FIFA’s Quality or Quality Pro standards since they were introduced in late-2015, now’s your chance to invest in a surface which boasts the full approval of football’s governing body.

4.You can choose the best pitch for your sport(s)

If you bought your current 3G pitch a decade or more ago, there’s a fair chance you didn’t have the same breadth of choice available to you as you do now. The artificial grass pitches available today are generally designed with specific sports in mind, so if you need a pitch to play football on, you’ll opt for a different pitch to a club wanting to host tennis matches, for example. The end result is a pitch which performs much better than an older pitch developed to be a jack of all trades, but a master of none.

5.Your old pitch can be recycled

Payback periods and returns on investment may be the order of the day, but how you do your bit for the environment is a consideration worth making too. Thanks to Tencate Ecocept™, your artificial grass pitch can now be recycled and re-used as a high-performance base layer in the construction of your new surface, which has the potential to lower the cost and increase the performance of your new field.

If you’re ready to look into resurfacing an existing 3G pitch, why not why not contact us to speak to an expert?

resurfacing your old 3G pitch