TigerTurf UK announce the return of Robbie Craven as Chief Operating Officer

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TigerTurf UK are delighted to announce the return of Robbie Craven as Chief Operating Officer.

Since 2018 Robbie has been working in a wider group role for TenCate Grass working on various projects worldwide. We caught up with Robbie to find out what he’s been working on for the past four years and how he feels about returning to TigerTurf UK.

When did your TigerTurf journey begin?

I originally started for Astrograss, which ultimately became TigerTurf in New Zealand in 1992. I was then transferred to the UK in 2000 to build the TigerTurf UK factory and set up the production facility. After that, I was Production Manager for five years before setting up the Research & Development department in 2005 until 2018.

How did your role at TigerTurf develop until you left to do wider group work with TenCate Grass?

I started with loading creels and learning how to run a tufting machine in the TigerTurf New Zealand production facility. I then learned how to fix a tufting machine as well as how to build them. I did the same with the coating lines which enabled me to move to the UK to set up the production facility here and then run the factory.

I then moved onto to developing new products, yarns, primary backing, coating materials and of course ecocept until it became a commercial product.

I have worked in most areas of the industry!

What has been your group role since leaving TigerTurf?

Since moving away from TigerTurf I have worked on group projects all around the world, helping TenCate customers, partners and TenCate owned business (such as TigerTurf UK) with technical matters such as turf production and quality control, pitch construction, recycling and sustainability amongst many other things. I also worked for the TenCate Centre for Turf Innovation in Holland, developing new turf systems, shock pads and infills.

A big driver in my work has been the sustainability of the industry and the effects it has on our environment; this will also be a big focus of my new role at TigerTurf UK.

What are you looking forward to most about returning to TigerTurf UK?

My role is to future proof the business for the next twenty years plus. That means ensuring what we make today is the best quality possible but also driving a strategy forward which allows TigerTurf to remain at the forefront of quality, innovation and sustainability.

I am looking forward to working again with people I have worked with in the past and working with the new generation of people coming into the industry!

David Hook, Managing Director at TigerTurf UK says ‘I am pleased to be able to formally announce a new addition to our senior management team, with Robbie Craven returning to TigerTurf UK after several years working in a wider group role. I am sure Robbie will prove to be a real asset as we continue leading the way with quality, innovation and sustainability.’

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