6 Compelling Reasons to use an artificial turf surface for your Bowling Green


The bowling green surface is one of the most vital elements in a game of bowls. It impacts the speed and placing of the bowls, which in turn influences the quality of the play. An artificial turf bowling green provides a vibrant surface that’s durable, weather-resistant, and closely resembles natural grass.

With over 2000 lawn bowl clubs in Australia and over 500 in New Zealand, it’s time to investigate alternative surfaces.

If you’re thinking of upgrading your bowling green, read on! In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of using artificial grass for your next bowling green surface.

Artificial turf surface

1.  Save money and time on lawn maintenance.

Natural grass bowling greens can require a lot of maintenance, including:

  • Weeding
  • Mowing
  • Rolling
  • Fertilizing
  • Watering

Smaller bowling clubs might find that the costs of keeping their bowling greens in top condition for play really add up. When you’re juggling the intricacies of running a club, finding a way to save both time and money is a huge priority.

That’s when an artificial bowling surface is a smart choice: it’s incredibly low maintenance and low cost once installed – leaving more money in the coffers for other things. Clubs can use the money saved from maintenance costs to invest in upgrading their facility.

2.  Artificial bowling surfaces have great drainage.

There is nothing worse than trying to roll on a waterlogged green. An artificial bowling green turf is designed with drainage in mind.

Effective drainage ensures the water doesn’t pool on the playing surface. The bowls travel with increased speed on a well-drained surface improving the speed and enjoyment of the game.

As soon as the wet weather clears your players can get straight back into rolling smooth bowls without getting stuck in puddles!

Tiger turf sign

3.  Extend your playing season [and revenue] with a bowling green turf.

It’s no secret that natural grass bowling greens are at the mercy of the Australian and New Zealand climates. They can be reduced to puddles in the winter and baked hard under the harsh summer sun.  And the results can be reduced playing hours, especially over the winter months, and reduced revenue intakes from the clubhouse.

It’s happened before: nippy south island weather had taken its toll on the Arrowtown Bowling Club’s green. They upgraded their bowling green and can now enjoy the finest game of bowls with their members and visitors, no matter the weather.

Artificial turf can withstand ever-changing weather conditions, without losing its playability. After upgrading your bowling green surface to artificial turf, the only thing that will stop you from spending time out playing is your tolerance to the weather conditions.

4.  An artificial turf bowling green provides players with optimum conditions to perfect their games.

Described as “the Rolls Royce of synthetic playing surfaces” by Peter Smith, Rangiora’s Bowling Club vice-president, an artificial bowling green turf gives your members the optimal playing surface they deserve.

A bowling green turf gives players a completely flat and level playing space with predictable bowl speed. While natural grass is susceptible to dips and troughs as the ground moves and shifts, a properly installed artificial green remains consistently leveled.

As long as the foundation has been laid evenly, players can enjoy even rolls up and down the green, without worrying about shifts in the ground.

Your players deserve consistent conditions to perfect their rolls on, and the technical qualities of an artificial green itself can be used effectively by skillful bowlers. As their skills develop, your club will reap the rewards of accolades and tournament wins.

Supergreen 2

5.  Artificial turf replicates the feel of natural grass – even indoors.

A game of indoor bowls is becoming increasingly popular as players can play any time of the year, with no chance of the game being postponed due to the weather.

It seems obvious that natural grass would be unsuitable for indoor bowls. The conditions inside are less than ideal for living grass to thrive. There is often no sunlight and no effective drainage.

On the flip side, while artificial grass effectively replicates the role of natural grass for bowls players, it doesn’t require sunlight or any other elements to stay in great condition.

Arrowtown bc 1

6.  A visually appealing bowling green surface.

The advances in artificial turf mean your club members can appreciate the look and feel of natural grass without any of the drawbacks. Low maintenance, optimum conditions, and easy on the joints – you can’t ask for much more.

Players and spectators alike can enjoy a vibrant bowling green surface that is free from bare or dead patches – all year round.

If your club is ready to upgrade its bowling green surface, contact our professional team, and let’s discuss your options.

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