Whether you are a homeowner wanting a beautifully manicured lawn, a business requiring attractive landscape and workspaces, a landscape designer looking for a unique solution for your clients or a council needing to provide natural landscapes but are restricted by access, maintenance and water supplies …talk to TigerTurf.

For the most natural looking, low maintenance solution to difficult lawn areas

TigerTurf U.S. synthetic grass products complement the surrounding environment by replicating features of a natural lawn. With a combination of realistic colors and advanced blade development technology, your lawn, park, or putting green will appear flawless year round, without the natural grass maintenance.

In addition to an aesthetically pleasing landscape, our lawns come without all the hassle of a natural lawn, such as: water, mowing, fertilizing, mud, bugs, and allergens. You get to enjoy your artificial grass with friends, family, colleagues, kids, and pets as a lawn any property owner would be proud to own. TigerTurf is built to last with products designed to withstand varying levels of foot traffic and a warranty to preserve your investment for years to come.


Low Maintenance


No yellow patches


No Muddy Paws


Zero harmful fertilizer & insecticides

Commercial Landscaping - icon

Commercial Landscaping

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Replicating the characteristics of a quality natural lawn that looks perfectly manicured all year round.

Synthetic lawn is becoming increasingly popular as an attractive and practical landscaping element in urban environments. Companies and councils benefit from having green lawns amidst the concrete jungle.

Suitable for rooftops and balconies, atriums, offices, playgrounds, public parks, and pedestrian areas, TigerTurf’s synthetic lawns bring a relaxing sense of cool and calm to any area while remaining easy to install and maintain.

Architects, landscapers, specifiers, and councils should consider artificial grass as an alternative to tiling, paving, and decking. There are several factors to consider regarding the preparation of the base and drainage so contact us today for our information-filled Architects Guide.

Attractive, durable and natural looking

TigerTurf offers synthetic lawn products to suit allow tastes and landscaping requirements. All are attractive, allowing you to create outdoor spaces that are realistic, comfortable and durable.

Suitable for balconies and rooftops - icon

Suitable for balconies and rooftops

Up to 10 year warranty - icon

Up to 10 year warranty

Low Maintenance - icon

Low Maintenance

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Residential Landscaping

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  • Artificial lawn designed to fit your space

A beautiful lawn creates a pleasant place inviting you to relax and enjoy the environment.

TigerTurf’s artificial grass lawn products are designed to harmonise with the natural environment, replicating the characteristics of a quality natural lawn. Imagine your garden looking this gorgeous every day while inviting both children and animals out to play.

With little maintenance, your TigerTurf lawn will look fabulous all year round for many years. TigerTurf synthetic lawns provide the look and feel of healthy, natural grass – yet offer the family and pets all the benefits of the latest synthetic solutions which no other artificial grass company can match.

TigerTurf has been extensively tested and has proven to be a safe addition for any home.

Life to busy for trimming, mowing and watering your lawn?

Then synthetic grass could be the solution you're looking for. TigerTurf's synthetic lawn products have been developed specifically o replicate the characteristics of a quality natural lawn. Synthetic turf lawns look superb all-year-round, for many years, with little maintenance required.

Safe for both children and pets - icon

Safe for both children and pets

Up to 10 year UV warranty - icon

Up to 10 year UV warranty

Looks superb all year round - icon

Looks superb all year round

Low maintenance - icon

Low maintenance

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