Pet Safe Solutions


Pet Safe Solutions

Keep your furry
safe & happy

TigerTurf U.S. synthetic grass products complement the surrounding environment by replicating features of a natural lawn. With a combination of realistic colors and advanced blade development technology, you lawn, park, or dog run will appear flawless year round, without the natural grass maintenance.

In addition to an aesthetically pleasing landscape, our lawns come without all the hassle of a natural lawn, such as: water, mowing, fertilizing, mud, bugs, and allergens. Your pets will get to enjoy the outdoors and you will reap the rewards of zero mud, zero stains, and zero holes.

TigerTurf Is The Real Deal

  • No More Muddy Paws
  • Low Maintenance
  • Reduces Digging
  • Eliminates harmful fertilizer and insecticides
  • No yellow patches

Our artificial grass products are so realistic that we guarantee your pets won’t know the difference. They can run free, do their business, and relax without you having to monitor their every move. TigerTurf allows you to remain stress free since you will no longer have muddy paw prints, questionable holes in the lawn, or patches of completely dead grass. Turf will save you time, money, and energy to focus on the animal who matters most.

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