Residential Upgrade to TigerTurf Envy 35
Residential Upgrade to TigerTurf Envy 35

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Residential Upgrade to TigerTurf Envy 35

TigerTurf’s Envy 35 makes it easy to have both a beautiful puppy and a beautiful lawn. The emerald green TigerTurf Envy landscape lawn is lush, soft, and hardier than it looks, and solved the problem of a lawn worn to a frazzle by the owner's dog. We put the beautiful new Envy lawn to the Bella test and it was an immediate success, as Bella lovingly rolled and played on this dog-friendly, dog-tolerant lawn.



Icon - August 2016

Date Project Completed

August 2016

Icon - 20m2



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TigerTurf Envy 35

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Full Build

A lawn worn to a frazzle by the dog

They share the small but perfect space in perfect harmony now, as the owner is relieved from constantly having to repair her grass lawn and, instead, enjoys a picture-perfect view from her windows. Bella is now the proud owner of her own soft green playground. We installed two TigerTurf Envy lawns, level green velvet lawns, with a dainty path of pavers for the owner to use as she passes through Bella’s happy place.

The perfect space for all seasons

This dry, level, soft lawn is always inviting and accommodating for al fresco morning coffee, deckchairs, or simply a rug and cushion for a siesta.  And even for chewing a bone…

TigerTurf Envy 35

TigerTurf’s Envy 35 is a beautiful and authentic alternative to natural grass. The wide blades and high-density thatch creates a wonderful dense green lawn that provides a soft, comfortable feel underfoot and replicates nature.

Perfect for the homeowner wanting a beautifully manicured lawn; around decks, courtyards and swimming pools, TigerTurf’s Envy can transform your garden into green areas of tranquillity and relaxation.

Pet-friendly TigerTurf lawns are unfazed by dog and cat play

A landscape lawn solves perennial garden problems for homeowners

  • TigerTurf landscape lawns drift serenely and beautifully through the harshest droughts and the wettest winters.
  • Without weed killers or fertilisers, Envy remains a lush, verdant green jewel of a lawn, entirely free of prickles or bald patches.
  • Reach for your putter instead of the mower – TigerTurf Envy needs no mowing nor edging.
  • Let the dogs loose, our landscape lawns are tougher than they look.

Even a small landscape lawn will become a soft, dry comfortable bed for your pets.

They can enjoy the shade of shrubs without troublesome allergic skin reactions from weeds and enjoy playtime without leaving the signs of wear and tear a natural grass lawn will display over time. Happy dogs (especially Bella) and cats, and very happy owners (especially Bella’s owner). And, naturally, TigerTurf is happy to solve your lawn problems, (and Bella’s) beautifully

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