Synthetic Turf perfect for Decks
Synthetic Turf perfect for Decks

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Synthetic Turf perfect for Decks

Waikawa Bay Residence blends its deck to the natural surrounding landscape creating a calming, inviting space. Poised above Marlborough Sounds, looking over the unrivaled views, with some comfortable furniture, and our velvet green TigerTurf Pure Putt lawn all came together in a picture-perfect outdoor room.



Icon - November 2018

Date Project Completed

November 2018

Icon - 59m2



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TigerTurf PurePutt

Icon - Existing base


Existing base

TigerTurf's Pure Putt transformed the dull grey deck surface

Our client’s deck offered a magnificent view that was marred by the dull grey deck surface, which also became uncomfortably hot on a sunny day and, in general, wasn’t much fun. The previous grey surface won no points as an enjoyable social area from which to enjoy the outdoors. Our attractive green TigerTurf Pure Putt lawn has now become the new happy place, a soft, inviting terrace on which to enjoy the view and the fresh air.

Blending into the beautiful natural environment

Our supremely beautiful TigerTurf Pure Putt provided an easy transformation from boring to enjoyable, with no fuss. Dry and non-slip in all weather, the outdoor room is now the favourite spot for alfresco dining, socialising, or quiet reading time.

TigerTurf Pure Putt

Designed as a low maintenance synthetic golf green for home gardens, TigerTurf’s premium short-pile golf turf, Pure Putt, is also ideal for decks, balconies, and rooftops.

As well as being ideal for backyard golf putting, PurePutt is indoor compliant and fire rated so can be used both indoors and outdoors, is free draining, and comes with a 7-year warranty.

TigerTurf Pure Putt – more than a superb golf green, with a bulging portfolio of useful qualities

TigerTurf Pure Putt has long been popular as a residential green for golfers to enjoy in their own garden with friends and family, not to mention for convenient practice time at home, the perfect excuse to get outside after a day’s work.

Beyond golf, Pure Putt has many sterling qualities that endear it to customers. Let’s start with its suave handsome appearance, which forms a manicured, tidy green lawn to grace any home.

TigerTurf Pure Putt more than met this customer’s request for an attractive, hardwearing synthetic turf that wasn’t a lush landscape grass. Pure Putt has a dense surface of short-pile, texturised monofilament grass that is incredibly hard-wearing, yet delightfully soft under-foot.

The refreshing green of TigerTurf Pure Putt is at home in the Marlborough Sounds

The colours and textures of lush green bush envelopes the hills of the Marlborough Sounds, embracing the languid blues and greens of the sea basking in the valleys beneath. From their crow’s nest deck, the homeowners can now relax in comfort on their TigerTurf Pure Putt lawn to watch the tiny yachts drifting up the Sounds.

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