The magic of TigerTurf Envy Plus works wonders for homeowners
The magic of TigerTurf Envy Plus works wonders for homeowners

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The magic of TigerTurf Envy Plus works wonders for homeowners

Woes became wows when the superb rich green TigerTurf Envy Plus lawn laid beneath flourishing Nikau palms transformed a troublesome garden – simple, but magical.



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March 2020

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TigerTurf Envy Plus

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Bringing your garden to life

TigerTurf Envy Plus lawn turf brought to life a small grove of nikau palms to create a dramatic entry to this Auckland home. The rainforest green lushness of TigerTurf Envy Plus complements the graceful green fronds of the nikau palms in a clever composition of texture and colour.

Creating a dramatic, low maintenance entry

The two lawn areas rise above the pavement and drive to display the graceful palms at the entrance – an attractive landscape feature in a prime spot, but not easy to maintain. For our client, it presented a problem area instead of an impressive welcome for visitors and family.

TigerTurf Envy

TigerTurf Envy Plus is a premium, denser landscape turf manufactured specifically for TigerTurf Golf and Lawn.  TigerTurf’s Envy Plus is a beautiful and authentic alternative to natural grass. The wide blades and high-density thatch creates a wonderful dense green lawn that provides a soft, comfortable feel underfoot and replicates nature. (Product shown is TigerTurf Envy 35)

Problems in gardens soon become magnificent features when TigerTurf arrives

TigerTurf had previously completed a successful landscape project for this client. Naturally, she came to us to resolve this problem, too, and we were keen to transform difficult into delightful for her.

Plantings on mounds, in fact sloping lawns in general, pose several problems for homeowners. Prone to dryness, these lawns suffer in summer heat, allowing broad-leaf lawn weeds to compete successfully with the more shallow-rooted lawn grass.

Because mounds are awkward to mow, lawnmower blades are prone to skin the turf off uneven sites, leaving unsightly bare patches of dying grass.

Rather than using lawn, a bark or mulch covering is popular. But wind, rain and birds soon work their mischief, scattering loose garden mulches and bark, creating more work for keen gardeners.

TigerTurf Envy Plus provides extra benefits for homeowners

A particularly durable lawn turf, TigerTurf Envy Plus evokes the same poise and beauty as Envy itself. The dense lawn crowns the rises beneath the palms, its smooth, emerald-green velvet flowing down to fresh edging, establishing a calming presence at the front of this attractive home.

TigerTurf Envy Plus solved all the problems presented by this rather tricky project to produce a remarkable transformation for our happy client. We are especially pleased that she can now relax and show off her elegant, inviting entrance.

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