From Weeds to Wonderful in no time at all… TigerTurf Serenity 30 comes to the rescue!
From Weeds to Wonderful in no time at all… TigerTurf Serenity 30 comes to the rescue!

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From Weeds to Wonderful in no time at all… TigerTurf Serenity 30 comes to the rescue!

TigerTurf Serenity has worked magic for this young family and their energetic dog. The perfect playground, their soft, green lawn turns every day into play-day.



Icon - August 2020

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August 2020

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TigerTurf Serenity 30

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Dynamic base

For when gardening is not your thing

The family garden is the safe place for children to play, the place you come home to relax in, to enjoy on summer nights with your family and friends. In the winter months, looking out over your pleasant green lawn and garden brings you happiness. However, as much as we want the perfect lawn, gardening is not for everyone. Shady, damp gardens, poor soil and drainage, and dry lawns in summer often not used for most of the year.

Ask TigerTurf to change difficult into delightful – delightful to look at, to use and to share with family and friends.

Changing to a TigerTurf Serenity lawn has certainly moved this garden from the too hard basket to the family happy place.
Now, our client has time to spend with the children, or to relax and enjoy the tranquil scenery – the velvet, olive-green lawn a serene, graceful foreground to the view beyond.

TigerTurf Serenity 30

Serenity 30 is a soft landscape grass used for domestic installation manufactured from TigerCool yarn, Serenity is cooler than most synthetic grasses by up to 15%. Serenity has the added benefits of being olive green replicating a natural lawn and de-lusted so you don’t get that shiny look. A stunning alternative to natural grass, Serenity is soft under foot so perfect for the front yard or backyard installation.

TigerCool Serenity has minimal sand infill, a remarkably soft texture and keeps cooler underfoot

Serenity is one of our TigerCool star performers that always look and feel superb; the family now has a well-drained, clean, and fresh garden all year round. Even on hot summer days, no annoying glare reflects off the matte finish of the grass blades; neither will Serenity become too hot underfoot.

Our highly technical TigerCool grasses are 10 degrees cooler than standard grasses – an attribute appreciated by pets and children.

Our client came to us well recommended by friends who had already experienced the joy of swapping to TigerTurf landscape lawn. Our client was immediately attracted by the softness and many additional benefits offered by TigerCool Serenity.

Attractive, interactive and pleasant to use, TigerTurf lawns can be just the solution you need. No prickles, no pollen to cause allergies, and no mowing.

Make the most of more recreation time without a time-consuming watering, mowing or fertilising routine. An excellent investment in a durable, beautiful multi-purpose asset your family will love for years.

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