TigerTurf Serenity 30 lawn completes your space and brings you lasting benefits
TigerTurf Serenity 30 lawn completes your space and brings you lasting benefits

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TigerTurf Serenity 30 lawn completes your space and brings you lasting benefits

TigerTurf Serenity 30 is the star of this magnificent garden, with its lush green terraces sweeping down to the designer pool, a sparkling diamond in a glowing, emerald setting.



Icon - February 2020

Date Project Completed

February 2020

Icon - 56m2



Icon - TigerTurf Serenity 30


TigerTurf Serenity 30

Icon - Dynamic base - top 50mm


Dynamic base - top 50mm

Choose TigerTurf's Experience, Training and Knowledge

When planning any landscaping, especially a large-scale garden plan, seeing the big picture can be difficult. With many details to consider, an error in judgement can cost you dearly. Enter the TigerTurf team. With decades of experience, training and a knowledge of our products, we come up with new products to overcome site restrictions and improve functionality.

Preparing for the perfect TigerTurf landscape transformation

The TigerTurf team couldn’t wait to set to work, and our client was just as eager to see her vision take shape.

The pool and garden layout were professionally landscape designed, and we worked closely with the designers to make the client’s garden a superb success story.

We prepared the base for stability and drainage before we laid the TigerTurf Serenity lawn.

TigerTurf Serenity 30

Serenity 30 is a soft landscape grass used for domestic installation manufactured from TigerCool yarn, Serenity is cooler than most synthetic grasses by up to 15%. Serenity has the added benefits of being olive green replicating a natural lawn and de-lusted so you don’t get that shiny look. A stunning alternative to natural grass, Serenity is soft under foot so perfect for the front yard or backyard installation.

Serenity 30 is like a natural lawn, but much better by pools and on decks

TigerTurf lawns allow landscape designers to use grass where normally access would be difficult for mowing, irrigation, and general maintenance, as in this garden. In terraced gardens, natural lawns tend to dry out readily or become dangerously slippery in wet winter weather.

TigerTurf Serenity 30 has features families love. It uses TigerCool yarn making it up to 10 degrees cooler than alternative synthetic lawns. The low level of sand infill required is particularly desirable for lawn areas beside pools and on decks and no mowing means no lawn clippings in the house or pool. Children and pets find the lush, soft Serenity irresistible, a lawn for them to play on without prickles, pollen allergies, or parasites. And this soft lawn is hospitable and inviting, unlike concrete or tiles.

With Serenity 30 remaining lush and green irrespective of the weather with minimal maintenance, the designer was free to design sweeping green terraces linked by contrasting solid concrete slabs that descend gracefully from the house and patio to the beckoning poolside play area.

Clients value TigerTurf advice and professional workmanship

TigerTurf’s team leader listened to the client’s ideas, reviewed the drawings, and provided some options that would suit the landscape and use. They were delighted by the completed garden landscape and swimming pool, true to the landscape designer’s brief and her vision.


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