Football on Artificial Turf: The Top Five Benefits

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Natural grass, or modern artificial turf? The heated debate within the football world has been running for many, many years. It’s not a matter of which is superior, more which is the best choice for you.

At TigerTurf, we’re designers and manufacturers of artificial football turfs So read on to find our top five benefits of playing on football turf!

1.  Never miss a game of football because of a muddy, water-logged pitch

It is no secret that football is at the mercy of the climate. Blaring hot summers, wet winters, snow, and dusty wind can cause natural football fields to be baked hard or reduced to a pool of mud.

Wet pitchArtificial turf is designed to withstand the ups and downs of all climatic conditions. Gone are the days of spectators being ankle-deep in sideline puddles, and never again will you find yourself caked with mud.

Less impact from the weather = more time enjoying the game you love.

Every year football games are postponed or cancelled due to issues related to the weather. Entire seasons are interrupted, and players miss out on important game time. With artificial football turf, players and spectators can enjoy the thrill of a quality football match no matter the weather, without worrying about taking the pitch home with them.

Read about the success of artificial football turf from SportNZ. 

2.  Consistency of play

Football turfs provide an even and consistent playing surface, without the obstacles associated with natural grass.

The non-directional surface of artificial turf provides secure footing and consistent ball control so the player can perform at their best.

Variations in natural turfs that impact gameplay include:

  • Tufts of grass
  • Uneven ground
  • Dry spots
  • Waterlogging
  • Unkept grass
  • hollows

Professional players regularly get to enjoy a perfectly manicured pitch, but maintenance can fall by the wayside for amateur and club teams. This is because the high cost and high effort level that is required to keep natural pitches in perfect condition is often unaffordable for small clubs.

Atomic pro 60 turf soccer fieldWith synthetic football turf, a surface that is comparable to well-maintained natural turf can be achieved. This means that players can enjoy a perfect playing surface, every time.

Play the game with speed and accuracy, every time.

3.  Engineered with the player in mind

Artificial football surfaces are designed with player safety in mind. 

The even terrain and consistency of play means players should suffer fewer trips, stumbles, and falls, minimizing the risk of serious injuries that could leave players off the fields for weeks at a time.

The turf system stops players from slipping and sliding everywhere. This minimizes the likelihood of tendon rips or tears, ensuring football players can keep enjoying the game they love without time off.

Injuries related to abrupt stops and stuck cleats are reduced, as players can wear a range of shoes on the artificial turf. Players may prefer to play football in specially designed flat shoes.

To minimize the long-term impact on joints, shock pads can be installed underneath the turf. This provides players of all levels and ages the comfort to continue enjoying football, fitness, and fun.

Snowdonttkingsbrook1144.  Play and train at your home football turf more

The surface of an artificial football turf is incredibly durable. Because it’s made of top-quality materials, the turf is unaffected by varying weather conditions.

The durability of artificial turf ensures they can withstand thousands of hours of use without impacting the quality.

For your club or school, this means players can train at their home pitch consistently. This gives players the opportunity to develop and grow football skills that set your team apart, in an environment that is comfortable and supportive.

Compare the durability of tiger turf artificial football pitches options here.

5.  Enjoy a better club life.

Due to the lower maintenance costs of the artificial football turfs, clubs and schools can redirect that money back into projects that benefit their community. Additional revenue can be derived from hiring out space to other groups, as it’s accessible year-round.

The additional revenue can be reinvested into:

  • Upgrading the infrastructure around the football pitch.
  • Providing scholarships for younger players.
  • Hosting community events such as awards nights or training camps.

It all adds up to contribute to players, spectators, and community members’ sense of belonging and pride. This in turn positively impacts your club or school’s reputation. 

Read about how a TigerTurf football pitch helped the Uni-Mt Wellington club overcome their declining club numbers. 

Let’s chat about how we can upgrade your football pitch so you can enjoy all the benefits of an artificial football turf in your community. You can get in contact here.

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