Four Reasons You Should Install Synthetic Grass at Your Gym

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Whether you’re a gym owner looking to create a top-tier exercise space, or a home workout enthusiast, artificial grass ticks a whole lot of boxes for a gym environment. If you don’t already have synthetic turf in your workout space, keep reading to see how making the switch is a huge advantage.

Some people like to while away their evenings at the gym, and some people like to  get in and get out – but everyone wants the time they spend there to be productive. It follows that a gym needs to be practical, functional, and fairly intuitive.

With plenty of things to consider in order to achieve this – lighting, temperature, equipment layout, ventilation – we can tell you right now that when it comes to flooring solutions, synthetic turf has got your workout space covered (see what we did there?).

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1.  A Low Impact Workout Surface

Anywhere that people are pushing their limits is a place where falls and injuries are to be expected.

You’ll want to ensure the safety of your members to the best of your ability. Synthetic grass provides a low-impact, non-slip surface that people will feel comfortable testing their limits on.

Synthetic grass during workouts:

  • Reduces impact injuries
  • Is easy on joints
  • Absorbs shock during jumps and falls
  • Is non-slip

While this is all excellent for your members, synthetic grass has got you, the gym owner, covered as well. Gym floors can often be damaged by people dropping heavy weights on them – not to mention the noise can be distracting (and sometimes frightening!) to other members. Artificial grass can be installed over a shock-absorbent pad that absorbs shock as well as noise – so everyone wins.

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2.  Versatile and Super Functional

There’s a new workout craze every other week, so if you’re a gym owner, you’ll be interested in making sure that your gym is up to date for your member’s ever-changing needs.

Whether it’s HIIT, CrossFit, speed-sledding, sprinting, or something else, you’ll find synthetic turf to be a high performance, durable solution that functions well no matter what it’s being used for.

Furthermore, if it’s something a little more specific that you’re after, synthetic grass can be customised with lines, shapes, numbers, and so on. It’s perfect for defining and separating workout areas.

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3.  Easy to Maintain

Cleanliness and hygiene are essential in a gym environment. Nobody wants to think of what other people have been doing on the equipment before them. It’s important to keep your gym clean and tidy, as well as healthy and safe.

Thankfully, synthetic turf is an incredibly low maintenance flooring solution. It’s incredibly easy to clean – you just remove any debris, and give it a brush. You can easily spot-clean any stains if they happen (we have a special spot cleaning formula for this purpose, but you can also use household items).

And it lasts – just a small amount of maintenance will keep your turf in tip-top shape for many years to come.

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4.  Customisable to Meet Your Needs

Sure, it looks great, making it appealing to old and new members alike – but that’s just the start.

You can easily make synthetic grass work the way you want, in the ways you need it to.

It’s fast and easy to install (if you know what you’re doing) – meaning that you can evolve from a grey concrete or boring short-pile carpet surface to a lush, functional grass surface in a single day.

What’s more, it doesn’t have to be permanent – for example, you might only want to use it during the winter months. Depending on the installation method, your artificial turf can be rolled up and stored – so be sure to tell your supplier if you want it to be removable.

Finally, it’s hypo-allergenic, making it a perfect solution for bootcamps, bodyweight exercises, and mat zones, where people are working close to the floor. Few things are worse than getting stuffy sinuses or a sneeze attack when you’re trying to complete a tough workout – make sure this doesn’t happen by holding your classes on synthetic turf, instead of on the grass.

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There are so many things to consider with commercial (and home) gyms. You can create an environment that works for you as well as your members by choosing synthetic grass as part of your flooring solution.

Got a gym you need to kit out? Talk to us about our synthetic surface options, designed especially for gyms.  Click here to visit the Gyms Product page




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