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How to get the perfect lawn and still have time to enjoy it

By admin on August 31, 2016

We understand that it’s hard to beat a quality natural lawn, but often the difficulties experienced to maintain a lush, healthy turf are challenging to say the least.  To achieve a lush and green lawn all year round takes a lot of work and you need to be continually caring for it; mowing, weeding, watering and fertilising. 

There are many reasons why a lush lawn is challenging.  It’s too wet, too dry, too shaded, too patchy, too weedy, the dogs tear it up and the prickles take over.  For anyone who would prefer to spend less of their precious free time cultivating the perfect lawn, and more time enjoying one, artificial grass is ideal.

But there are many options to choose from and synthetic turf can be a daunting prospect for first-time buyers. How long should it be? What different colours are available? Are some types more hard-wearing than others? What preparation do I need to make?  How much will it cost? 

With that in mind, we’ve put together a short buyer’s guide outlining the key considerations you should look at before investing in artificial grass for your garden.

1.  What Preparation do I need?

Your synthetic lawn is laid over a compacted metal base to ensure the foundations have the correct contours, levelling and drainage required.   This means that existing lawn needs to be excavated and levelled before bringing in the metal.

2. How is the turf installed?

The turf is rolled out and laid on the base where it will lie.  The grass strips are glued together and secured to a perimeter plinth.  Often the turf will need to be cut to shape around curves and other obstacles in the lawn such as trees, paths, retaining walls and decking.  The grass is finally filled with a special rounded silica sand to hold the pile upright, protect the base of the turf and to hold the turf in place.

3. What length should I choose?

Synthetic grass surfaces come in a variety of lengths or pile heights.  Which one you choose will depend on whether you want luscious longer blades, or a shorter variety that offers a neater, well-kept look. Either way, at least you can ditch the lawn mower!

4. Are there different Colours?

Different turf products will use different shades and colourways, from the greener-than-green traditional-look grasses, to others that incorporate brown yarns at the root for a more realistic look and feel.  Some manufacturers products look more realistic than others so it pays to shop around.

5. Density does matter

The density of the grass you choose will also affect its look. Go for an especially thick grass if you’re after a luxurious appearance that replicates the plushest lawn, or a less dense, more relaxed look to replicate a neat, manicured lawn.

6. Make sure its durability meets your needs

For the most energetic families with pets and children, there are artificial grass products available that are more hardwearing than those recommended for low-use gardens. Look for varieties made with the strongest and most durable yarns that are recommended for heavier usage.

7. What will it cost?

This is a difficult one to answer as there are many variables to take into consideration.  The cost of the grass will vary depending on its density, length, and the type of yarns used which influence durability and UV stabilisation. 

Factors influencing installation costs include access to the site, excavations required, complexity of the design, land contours and gradients among many other things.

As a guide, the landscape turf ranges from around $28 to $48 (+GST) per sq.m  for standard to premium lawn; installated from around $110 (+GST) per sq.m.

8. Other considerations

Whichever product you choose; you’ll want to make sure the yarn has been UV stabilised to ensure the potential occurrence of fading will be minimised over the years.

You should also check that adequate drainage has been factored in so that your lawn stays dry underfoot. Our products have drainage holes placed consistently throughout to ensure water sheds quickly and efficiently.

Your local TigerTurf installer should also ensure that the sub-base is equipped to deal with water management throughout the whole system.


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