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When constructing a turf field, it’s important to know how to take care of the turf. There are a few maintenance tasks that you can perform to keep the turf field looking good for as long as possible. Routine sweeping and grooming are two good ways to combat high wear areas. These procedures will rake up fibers and penetrate the infill to create an even playing surface. You can also fill in low infill areas with extra infill. The manufacturer of your turf will be able to tell you how often to perform these tasks.

Cost of maintaining a turf field

Maintaining a turf field can be costly. Whether you choose to play on natural grass or artificial turf, both surfaces will need regular maintenance. The costs of mowing, fertilizing, and other routine tasks can add up quickly. You’ll also need to water the field frequently, particularly during periods of extreme heat. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the cost of field maintenance without compromising the quality of your playing experience.

Infill decompaction

Decompaction is a necessary process for maintaining turf fields. It is used to restore softness and structural integrity to the field. During the process, infill is aerated and fluffed up to the surface. The additional pore space allows for proper shock absorption and cushioning of the turf.


The first step in cleaning a turf field is removing any stains. You can use a vacuum to remove surface soil without damaging the fibers. If you find a stain, it should be cleaned up immediately. Waterborne stains can be difficult to remove. This includes blood, dye, paint, animal urine, and acid.

Seasonal maintenance

Seasonal maintenance of a turf field is an important process to ensure the integrity of the field. It is critical to ensure the correct moisture levels and infill depth. Other important maintenance procedures include removing foreign objects and debris from the field, and applying antimicrobial products to control bacterial growth. Weekly or monthly maintenance is also recommended to keep the turf field in excellent condition and prevent injuries.

Cleaning spills

There are several methods for cleaning spills on turf fields. Some types of stains can be removed with soap and water, while others require the use of solvents or an acetone solution. For stubborn stains, mineral spirits or a 3% ammonia solution may be necessary. These solutions are gentle on turf and should be rinsed out with clean, cool water.

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