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The role of rubber pellets in your pitch turf is not only about the performance of the turf. They also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the pitch and make the playing surfaces smooth. They also help maintain good playing conditions and prevent the turf from becoming slippery. If you’re considering using these pellets for your pitch turf, you should learn more about their benefits.

Energy restitution

Pitch turf that has a high energy restitution rate is a key element of a pitch surface. This characteristic is achieved by creating an e-layer that is composed of hollow granules, or SBR. Such an e-layer is stable under repeated hits, and the restitution percentage is approximately 20-50%.

The restitution rate is an important factor in football playing surfaces. It is essentially the amount of kinetic energy returned to an athlete after a collision. It is important for the playing surface to return that energy to players, as a player may lose energy if he or she runs on shifting sand. Moreover, the pitch turf should provide shock absorption, a crucial feature in player safety. Shock absorption helps the players to avoid injuries and reduces the impact of a collision on the turf.

Energy absorption

The energy absorption of pitch turf is an important aspect of the performance of artificial grass surfaces. The energy absorbed by the turf depends on the composition and properties of the filler. The filler may be sand, synthetic, or organic material. The purpose of the filler is to provide adequate exposure of the synthetic grass blade to the surface and to provide stability and water drainage.

The quality of the rubber granules used in the infill material is an important factor in the pitch turf’s performance. The infill material must be of good quality and should be suitable for the particular type of synthetic turf field. Moreover, the infill material should not be too coarse or too fine. If it is too fine, it will compact the pitch and affect its performance. On the other hand, if it is too coarse, it will absorb too much energy from the ball. This will result in poor rebound and splashing.

Shock absorption

The objective of this study was to test the shock absorption properties of rubber pellets in pitch turf. A previous study has used a less extensive error analysis and reported comparable shock absorption properties. In this study, the standard deviation of fifteen thickness measurements was 0.1 mm for the Berleburger shocked.

The shock-absorption properties of artificial turf systems depend on the type and quantity of infill material used. The infill material must be able to provide shock absorption and resistance to vertical deformation and rotational friction.

TigerTurf’s synthetic turf  is the most durable and high-performing turf that can be found in the market. It is manufactured from TenCate fibres and backings, which are tested to withstand wear and tear.

This ensures that TigerTurf’s synthetic turf is a great option for sports fields, playgrounds, golf courses, and more.

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