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Lumosa LED lighting

Auckland, New Zealand

Lumosa LED Lights - Not your traditional lighting system

Remotely controlled, instant light, with multiple light levels, with no light spill, longer life bulbs and lower operating costs.  What is there not to love?

The innovative Lumosa LED lighting system TigerTurf has installed at the Metro Park hockey pitch can be operated remotely, and be ready for action within seconds of being turned on. The pitch is brightly lit by clear, white light, but nearby residents are not. Cost savings and low power consumption with better lighting – everyone is happy.

The features of this state-of-the-art lighting for the community facility impressed the Auckland Council:

The Metro Park lighting system, controlled by Lumosa Touch technology, allows users to operate the lights remotely by an app on a phone, PC or tablet without having to be at the facility. The irrigation and/or gating system can also be controlled from the same app.

Additionally, the lighting can be controlled to illuminate either half or quarter of the pitch only if the entire hockey turf is not needed to be used.  This means lower energy use without compromising the high quality of illumination.  

There are also three light level modes – game, training or pack-up.  (100% for game, 50% for training and 10% for pack-up) which results in further savings on lighting costs.

And the LED lights focus on the pitch, with minimal “light spill” so any concern for nearby residents was mitigated.

Merv Huxford, Chairman of Hockey Hibiscus Trust, confirmed “We have found our lighting superior to metal halides.  TigerTurf bought overseas experts into the country to advise after unsatisfactory experiences with other facilities.  The lights were tested at night with a drone to ensure we were satisfied.”  

We tested for light spill at night by flying our drone over the area and found the results to be perfect.

At a tap on the app, the Metro Park hockey pitch is flooded in light that is white, brighter and more natural than older sports lighting systems, without flicker and maintaining full intensity. Players prefer the lighting conditions generated by LED lights; they can pick up detail and react faster, so important for this fast-moving game.

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