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Retirement Villages Embrace Advantages of Synthetic Turf Facilities

By jos-mckenzie on June 20, 2017

TigerTurf synthetic landscape grass and sports turfs have been popular in retirement villages for over twenty-five years.

An impeccable, verdant lawn is one immediate benefit. 

More importantly, high quality synthetic lawns and sports surfaces encourages residents to be active on surfaces that are safe, comfortable and accessible.

It is ideal for:

Synthetic turf lawns and recreation turfs allow residents to move around easily and safely, on foot and by wheelchair, over smooth, non-slip lawns.

Residents can stay active in the outdoors

Our attractive, low maintenance artificial grass lawns are ideal for gardens and recreational activities, retaining an even, clean surface in all weather conditions, for ease of walking and manoeuvring wheelchairs.

These lawns blend into your garden setting, complementing your shrubs, trees and other features of your facility with very little attention to keep them fresh and attractive.

Your residents will find our landscape lawns better to move around on than on natural grass lawns, especially in the winter.

TigerTurf landscape lawns are non-slip and comfortable for walking on and for wheelchairs.

We recommend combinations of textures and turfs to define recreational areas and pathways around your facility to avoid unnecessary, unsafe edges and changes in levels.

Our lawns are stable enough for chairs, tables and wheelchairs to be safely used outdoors all year round.

As a bonus, TigerTurf lawns are free from allergens, reducing hay-fever and other related illnesses which are aggravated by grass pollens and dust.


Landscape turf systems make beautiful lawns that are low maintenance. You’ll find it surprisingly easy to keep our turfs looking impressive, resulting in lower maintenance costs.

No unusable scruffy, muddy patches, puddles or gravel paths – within just a short time after rain, your TigerTurf lawn will be even, dry and non-slip.

TigerTurf regularly installs synthetic landscape lawns over existing concrete and asphalt surfaces, or constructs bases to support the lawn for new sites.

Retirement villages have discovered the advantages of installing refreshing green synthetic lawns on decking and in atriums for safe, non-slip footing. Impervious to spills of food and liquids, our turfs are easy to keep clean and fresh.


We are frequently commissioned to install landscape turfs over underground car parking, on roof-top gardens and balconies using TenCate Sine for its ability to absorb impact and its superior drainage qualities.

TenCate Sine is a shock absorbing pad that we install beneath landscape lawns for comfort underfoot, and to cushion falls.

It also is a technically advanced system for highly effective drainage, leading water swiftly from the surface to drainage conduits.

Enjoy being active on TigerTurf world-class sports greens

TigerTurf has installed many greens for bowls, golf and croquet in New Zealand and Australia. Our technical sports turfs bring residents together for social and competitive sports – bowls, golf and croquet greens, as well as tennis courts. The attractive settings are not only safe and comfortable, they are low cost for you to maintain and add value to your facility in many ways.

We install the same surfaces at residential villages that we use for club greens and top-class sports facilities.

These all-weather sports surfaces are durable, versatile and encourage players to show off their skills and make good players better.

TigerTurf bowls greens for residential villages

The high-performance bowling greens we install at retirement homes are the same surfaces we install at clubs for international-level tournaments. Usually on a smaller scale, these bowls surfaces are installed with the same drainage, sub-base and levelling techniques we use for bowling clubs.

TigerTurf SuperGreen is a sand-dressed bowls green system that meets the highest level of World Bowls Performance standards, and is used by bowls clubs throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Players appreciate the true, consistent ball roll they can achieve on SuperGreen; they also appreciate the extra comfort offered by the pad we recommend installing beneath the playing surface

TigerTurf GreenWeave is a top quality non-filled woven bowling surface, manufactured by Greenguage Surfaces Ltd for New Zealand and Australian climate conditions. It is accredited to World Bowls Board standards, and is always installed with a comfort pad beneath the surface giving excellent draw and speed as well as easier playing conditions.

TigerTurf RinkMaster has been developed as our premium lawn bowls surface, and is very popular with keen bowls players. Advanced technology has produced a high-performance surface for use in national and international tournaments, playable in all but extreme weather conditions.

Laid in combination with our shock pad, a TigerTurf RinkMaster green gives you a superior bowls green system, with very low maintenance and increased comfort underfoot for your residents during play, throughout summer and winter.

All our surfaces come with a 7-year pro-rata warranty and the assurance of the reliable, continued support of our TigerTurf specialist maintenance teams.

Golf and croquet greens for retirement villages

TigerTurf Pure Putt is our top level putting surface, designed for residential golf greens. This is an extremely durable surface, which generates a good speed and true roll, with very little maintenance required.

TigerTurf Summer Envy is an attractive setting for the putting greens, and excellent for chipping onto the green from. Again, this landscape turf looks superb throughout all weather, with very little work. Around the putting greens, one of our landscape grasses is an excellent choice, as the ball sits up a little for chipping, just as it would on a natural golf course. The chipping grass also renders a smooth transition into other areas.

TigerTurf SuperGreen provides an even, smooth roll at a steady pace. The ball can be curved freely in any direction the player chooses, as this surface is non-directional.

TigerTurf Trophy is a durable, sand-dressed surface that is comfortable underfoot. It too produces the non-directional surface necessary for croquet, and offers the playing characteristics of a natural grass green.

We start with a purpose-built, free-draining base designed for the site.

The base construction and preparation is critical for professionally installed synthetic surfaces. Croquet and bowls greens need an absolutely level, free-draining base, whereas contours and slopes on and around the green are more fun for golfers.

As well as the attractive finish of our turfs, they will lower your maintenance costs and add value to outdoor activities for your residents to enjoy.

Your residents will appreciate the high performance of our sports turfs, and the optional comfort pad under the turf will encourage more regular participation in social sports such as bowls, golf, croquet and tennis.

Our turfs are safe for play in all weather, extending playing time for your residents. They have proven to be extremely durable in retirement villages, with sturdy, stable base construction that drains the surface effectively.

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