Alternative Landscape Solutions
Alternative Landscape Solutions


Our synthetic grass products provide the beauty of a perfectly groomed lawn, yet do not require the demanding maintenance of a natural one. TigerTurf products are customized to meet and exceed all of your landscaping desires. Our entire product line is UV stabilized to significantly reduce the chances of fading. TigerTurf products have gone through extensive testing and are free of heavy metals guaranteeing your new addition to be safe for all of your loved ones. Above the obvious benefits of saving time and money, our turf products are free of pollens and other allergens making it a great feature for those who are unable to truly enjoy the outdoors due to allergies. Rest assured, a TigerTurf lawn is THE perfect lawn for all your landscaping projects.

Unmatched durability 

TigerTurf U.S. manufactures the best turf in the industry. With years of research and development, both in the lab and in the field, we believe there’s no comparison. We are so confident in our products that we provide a 15-year manufacturer warranty to back it up and protect against any issues that might arise for installers and for customers.

Make the Neighborhood Green With Envy

Increase Your Home Value

The impact of an evergreen lawn will boost your home value and drop your landscaping maintenance costs.

Safe for Kids & Pets

Our synthetic grass is certified lead-free, making it safe for play areas and dog runs. Say goodbye to muddy paws and grass stains.

Create Your Own Oasis

From putting greens to playgrounds, we have turf products for all applications. With so many options to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

Built Durable for Any Application



We are proud of our turf and we want you be as well. We have a top-rated customer support system and will commit to your landscaping needs without delay. We appreciate your business, and we believe the best way to say thank you is by providing you with the care you deserve.

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