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Turn game day disappointment into a winning game

By admin on July 21, 2014

How many times last winter did you wake up (early) on Saturday morning to take your children to their football game, only to find the fields closed and the games cancelled? 

Not only were the fields closed for the game, but during the week training was cancelled because the fields needed to be in good condition for senior level matches or, worse still, had been damaged and were unable to be used for the rest of the season.

Community sports facilities are not alone in being affected by closed fields and the need to meet capacity requirements. All around the country, clubs, schools and players are frustrated and disappointed when their fields are unusable in the winter months. Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to children and parents opting out of the sport.

So let’s take a look at how we can use synthetic turf technology to promote participation in field sports, including football and rugby

Synthetic sports surfaces are a genuinely sustainable and economical solution that enables players of all levels, from grasshoppers to elite, to train and compete without interruption or cancellations.

1) The high quality and consistent surface enables players to focus on their games and skills, without the distraction of an uneven and unpredictable pitch.

2) Because synthetic turf is significantly more tolerant of adverse weather conditions (and we are certainly experiencing a lot of these), the fields are open and playable in all but the worst conditions. Training and games can go ahead as scheduled, making life happier for everyone, with no more cancellations.

3) Today’s innovative football and rugby turfs are extremely durable, so they can be used all day, and into the evenings, without damaging the turf. Everyone gets to train and play, much more fun for the players and great for their skills.

4) The softer, more forgiving quality of synthetic grass, particularly when teamed with rubber shock-pads and infill, reduces impact on a player’s joints and body, making the game more enjoyable and safer. Good news for senior players!

5) The durability and performance characteristics of synthetic grass allow more intensive use than a natural grass field would. This has fostered the growth of the more social aspects of the game, such as the hard and fast 5-a-side format, drawing an ever-growing number of players into sport.

A durable, all-weather synthetic pitch gives certainty that players can train and compete, with no more closed fields. For clubs, having fields used to capacity will also boost club funds, especially fields that are easier to play on, that encourage fun, activity and friendship, fields that turn game day disappointment into a winning game.

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