UK Leading manufacturer of high-performance artificial Hockey pitches.

UK Leading manufacturer of high-performance artificial Hockey pitches.

High-performance and top quality artificial hockey pitches with TigerTurf.

We are the UKs leading manufacturers of high-performance synthetic hockey pitches, specialising in creating top-quality surfaces that elevate the sport of hockey to new heights. We understand the importance of a superior playing surface in enabling players to showcase their skills and compete at the highest level.

We take pride in our advanced technology and innovative design approaches, manufacturing artificial grass hockey pitches that deliver exceptional performance, durability, and safety. Our surfaces are meticulously engineered to replicate the characteristics of natural grass, providing players with a consistent and predictable playing experience.

At TigerTurf, we produce high quality artificial hockey grass for two different systems: water-based turf and sand dressed turf. Both systems meet the rigorous standards of the Federation of International Hockey (FIH), ensuring they are suitable for competitive matches, training sessions, and recreational play. Whether it’s fast-paced dribbling, precision passing, or powerful shots, our surfaces offer the ideal platform for players to excel and push their limits.

Benefits of an artificial hockey pitch


Durability and Longevity

Our artificial hockey pitches are highly durable and can withstand heavy usage. They are resistant to wear, tearing, and divoting, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting playing surface.


All-Weather Playability

Our artificial hockey pitches offer consistent playability regardless of the weather conditions. Water is drained efficiently, allowing for quick recovery after rain and minimising the risk of cancellations or rescheduling, enabling players to train and compete consistently, reducing interruptions and maximising playing time.


Low Maintenance

Tigerturf's artificial pitches require significantly less maintenance compared to natural grass pitches. This saves time, resources, and costs associated with regular maintenance, making artificial pitch a cost-effective option in the long run.


Product warranty

By producing our products in our very own factories based in Worcestershire, we can make sure they all meet our impeccably high standards. Our products also come with an 8-year UV warranty for your peace of mind.


Enhanced Performance

Our artificial hockey pitches are designed to replicate the characteristics of natural grass, offering excellent ball roll, consistent ball bounce, and predictable player movement. This allows players to focus on their technique, tactics, and teamwork, leading to improved performance and a more engaging game.


Customisable Design

Our artificial pitches offer flexibility in terms of design and performance. We understand not every facilty is the same, we can tailor your pitch to meet specific requirements such as various pile heights, infill materials, and performance attributes. This flexibility ensures that the pitch aligns with the playing style, speed, and performance demands of the players.


Environmental Sustainability

Artificial pitches conserve water resources as they do not require regular watering. They also eliminate the need for harmful pesticides or fertilisers, reducing the environmental impact associated with maintaining natural grass pitches.


International Supplier & Distributor

Our sports artificial grass are a real jetsetter. While carefully crafted in our Worcestershire facilities, we supply TigerTurf products across the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

How TigerTurf™ works!

At TigerTurf, we manufacture our industry-leading artificial grass right in the heart of Worcestershire, UK. To deliver and build your expert facility to the highest quality, we work closely with the UK and world's top sports pitch contractors. We are proud of every project we are involved in and invite you to look at some of our favourites on our website.

If you are interested in learning more about our synthetic hockey pitches or how we can help you with your facility needs, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are committed to providing expert knowledge and advice on synthetic grass products, installation, and systems, along with exceptional customer service before, during, and after your purchase.


“The difference the pitch has made is outstanding. The increased take-up of hockey across the school has been remarkable.”

Richard Mayfield

Head of Operations, Abbotsholme School

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