At TigerTurf, we work closely with Architects and Consultants to deliver sports and landscape projects of all shapes and sizes. We are also a RIBA accredited CPD provider with a comprehensive programme of CPD seminars, you can also find our products on NBS and RIBA Product Selector.

TigerTurf’s artificial grass fields not only look like real grass, but replicate the best qualities of high performing natural fields.

Artificial grass systems for sports and landscape applications have come a long way from the rough and unforgiving surfaces of 40 years ago. Our artificial turf significantly reduces the negative qualities of natural grass, such as high maintenance costs, cancelled games, uneven performance and dull, muddy gardens.

TigerTurf’s artificial grass surfaces are manufactured from durable, high performing TenCate Grass fibres and backings. They are tested to meet the highest performance standards required by World Sporting Bodies including FIFA, IRB, FIH & ITF.

  • UK Premier Artificial Grass

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TigerTurf currently offer two RIBA accredited seminars. Our seminars usually last for about an hour and conducted over a free lunch provided by us! You can find out more, or book a CPD with us here.

How TigerTurf works!

TigerTurf manufacture artificial grass in Kidderminster, UK. To support our expansive product range, we work with a network of highly-skilled construction and design partners, each of whom is able to extend our industry-leading attention to detail to the installation and maintenance of our artificial turf surfaces.