FIFA Licensee

What is a FIFA licensee?

A FIFA licensee can be a manufacturer of football turf that is committed to providing quality football turf pitches. The FIFA Quality Programme for Football Turf allows these companies to become a FIFA licensee, following they fulfil a set of strict requirements. Only companies that operate under the FIFA Quality Programme are qualified to get certification for their football turf installations.

Choosing to work with a FIFA Licensee means your pitch will be manufactured and installed to meet the highest requirements with regard to quality, performance and safety.

Four steps to a FIFA recommended field

Why choose a FIFA Licensee

Choosing to work with a FIFA Licensee means your pitch will be manufactured and installed to meet the highest requirements with regard to quality, performance and safety.

Your pitch is also guaranteed to reach either FIFA Quality or Quality Pro accreditation.

World Rugby

World Rugby, like FIFA, are the governing body for rugby worldwide. Like many other sports, rugby has turned to artificial grass in its bid to increase participation around the globe. But when the surface the sport is played on breaks away from tradition, it is only right that World Rugby – the sport’s governing body – takes every possible step to ensure both the performance and wellbeing of its players are taken care of.

World Rugby Regulation 22

As artificial grass technology improved and the popularity of the surfaces increased within the sport over time, World Rugby produced the World Rugby Artificial Rugby Turf Performance Specification to set a minimum standard for artificial playing surfaces which can be used in rugby. The World Rugby Artificial Rugby Turf Performance Specification specifies the testing and approval procedures which Manufacturers and other entities involved in the installation of artificial playing surfaces must comply with in order for their products to be approved for use in rugby.

TigerTurf have a number of systems accredited to World Rugby Regulation 22, to provide you with the safest, most technologically advanced and highest quality rugby products available. 


The International Hockey Federation

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) is the governing body of field hockey and indoor field hockey.

The FIH provide a quality programme for hockey turf that ensures the sustainability, affordability and accessibility of hockey grass worldwide.

The programme was initially launched as part of the FIH’s Hockey Revolution initiative, and aims to provide consistent and dependable industry standards and to ensure the appropriate quality of performance for any level of play.

FIH preferred supplier status

In 2017 TigerTurf became an FIH preferred supplier. FIH Preferred Suppliers are manufacturers of hockey turf that provide customers with a one-stop approach to constructing their new hockey field.

These suppliers not only reach the criteria of FIH Certified Manufacturers and Field Builders, they also support the global commitment from the FIH to provide high-quality hockey fields suitable for international, national, club and development hockey. 

Three benefits of working with an FIH preferred supplier

  1. Proven Quality Assurance
    First thing’s first, there is a strict criteria that must be met in order to become a FIH preferred supplier. This not only ensures products meet the highest global industry standards for the safety and durability of pitches, but also that suppliers are able to demonstrate appropriate in-house technical expertise. For customers, this means they can rest assured that products are tried and tested and that their suppliers are leaders in their field.
  2. One-stop shop
    In addition, in order to become a FIH Preferred Supplier, the company has to both manufacture hockey field products and also have the capabilities to construct and install a hockey pitch too. This means the suppliers must meet the criteria for both FIH Certified Manufacturers and Field Builders. The obvious benefit of this is that the company can assist customers with all aspects of the project, from supplying the products to designing the pitch – including the drainage system, sub base, and base surface, as well as ancillary features such as fencing and entrances
  3. Commitment to the sport
    By choosing a FIH Preferred Supplier, customers also know they are not only working with a company that demonstrates industry best practice, but also one that is committed to developing the sport of hockey. As part of the criteria companies must build an average of ten hockey pitches per year. This means they are even more likely to be on the cutting edge of the latest technology and are in the industry know. For sports clubs, this is a great selling point as the manufacturers are often well-known names that can raise the prestige of facilities.


The International Tennis Federation

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) are the world governing body for tennis. The ITF oversees five areas of the game; Administration and Regulation, Organising International Competitions, structuring, developing and promoting the game.

The ITF also set out standards for tennis products, in particular tennis court surfaces and their pace rating.

ITF Pace Ratings

The ITF Court Pace Classification Programme was developed to support purchasers of tennis surface products to determine the type and speed of surface most suited to their requirements.

The ITF classifies surfaces into one of five categories according to its Court Pace Rating:

CCPR 1 – Slow

CCPR 2 – Medium-slow

CCPR 3 – Medium

CCPR 4 – Medium-fast

CCPR 5 – Fast

TigerTurf offer a range of tennis products that meet varying levels of the ITF’s Court Pacing Rating, so whatever your requirements, we have a product to suit.