Glue and Tape

Glue and Tape

Seaming Tape LMP Super is ideal for landscaping of busy leisure areas

Pack size: 300mm x 100m and 300mm x 300m

  • Great for landscaping
  • Ideal for best installation
  • Forms strong bonds
  • Prevents the penetration of adhesive through to the under surface
  • Strong rot proof geo-textile tape
  • In stock & Available to buy

Seaming Tape LMP Extra is ideal for all medium or longer pile tufted sports artificial grass carpet

Pack size: 300mm x 300m

  • Great for FIFA, FIH, ITF, Multi Sports and landscaping
  • In stock & Available to buy

This easy to use, two component polyurethane based adhesive system primarily designed for bonding, sand filled artificial grass carpets

Pack size: 5kg, 10kg and 12kg

  • Great for FIFA, FIH and landscaping
  • Suitable to bond all carpet and tape combinations
  • Solvent free non-flammable adhesive
  • Structured non-slumping consistency
  • Versatile over 5ºC – 30ºC
  • Fast cure time
  • In stock & Available to buy

Cleverly designed to make artificial turf adhesive application quick and easy

  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Reliable
  • In stock & Available to buy