MUGA maintenance in four simple steps

Multi-use games areas, (MUGAs), have proven to be a popular choice for schools, community centres, and sports clubs looking for a robust multi-sports ground or a more vibrant playground alternative. As with any synthetic turf however, it is important to remember that MUGAs require low maintenance, not no maintenance. Here are the key considerations to ensure that your artificial grass gets the TLC it needs to stay in optimum shape.

  1. Clear debris
    Use a rake or a leaf blower to clear away any rotting debris from the MUGAs surface. You must take care however not to shift the sand infill if your turf is a filled surface. It might seem like a simple tip, but clearing away debris that lands on top of your artificial grass will go a long way in helping to maintain its high performance.
  2. De-weed
    The outdoor nature of artificial grass makes it susceptible to airborne seeds blowing onto its surface. It is important therefore to regularly inspect the surface of your MUGA, and pull up any weeds or plants that may have begun to grow. Otherwise you risk the organic matter damaging the turf.
  3. Brush the surface
    Brushing is key to maintaining a high performance MUGA and ensuring that it continues to look its very best. A flexi comb can be used for light brushing, alternatively a mechanical brush such as a tractor-mounted oscillating drag brush will provide something more thorough. This will lift the pile and ensure it continues to look attractive to users. Brushing the artificial grass is particularly important following periods of high usage.
  4. Don’t ignore the infill
    Over time you may find that the infill levels in your MUGA have declined, which could be because it is often carried away from the surface on the soles of shoes. So, topping up the infill around areas which see increased use such as penalty spots and corners will help to prevent uneven distribution. It’s also advised that you arrange for a specialist contractor to carry out a thorough maintenance regime, allowing them to lift the infill and redistribute it evenly across the surface of the artificial grass.

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Header and thumbnail images: Bradleys Surfacing Systems