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Queenstown, New Zealand

Over the past decades Queenstown has developed into an international centre for adventurous sports, and recently the town gained an additional attraction: the Extreme Golf Hole. The green is based on TigerTurf™ Pure Putt and TigerTurf™ Summer Envy 35.

The green, a par 3 hole, can be reached only by a helicopter from Over the Top, the Helicopter Company,  After a sightseeing flight, passengers are dropped off on top of the 1978-metre-high Cecil Peak, where a stunning view of Queenstown and the surrounding hills awaits them. The golfers among them can play the Extreme Golf Hole, and then be flown on to Jacks Point, on the other side of the Wakatipu basin, for a further round of golf.

Logistical operation

The green is the result of a collaboration between sponsor The Golf Warehouse and Over the Top. 

The installation was carried out by two TigerTurf agencies, Tiger Turf Golf & Lawn Ltd and Queenstown Fulton Hogan. The machinery, workforce and some 35 tons of materials had to be airlifted by helicopter – a logistical operation that went off without a hitch. Among the transported materials were TigerTurf™ Pure Putt and TigerTurf™ Summer Envy 35. Ecologists and conservationists were also flown in to ensure that the pristine environment remained intact.

Green, hole and tees

The green on Cecil Peak, which measures 10 by 20 metres, was opened by Prime Minister John Key who hit the first shots at the official opening shortly before the start of the NZ Open. The hole is 285 metres long, has four tees and features a vertical drop of 450 metres.

TigerTurf offers a wide range of synthetic turf for sports, landscaped lawns and public green spaces. Different types of synthetic grass are available for golf, depending on the type of game and the particular surface, which can vary from a putting green to a driving range.

Date Project Completed: March 2014


Surface: Pure Putt and Summer Envy 35

Base: Dynamic base

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