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Korrumburra Club opens two TigerTurf BowlsWeave greens

By admin on August 7, 2017

TigerTurf installs two new BowlsWeave greens for Korrumburra Bowling Club, Victoria.

Two TigerTurf greens have been recently installed at Korrumburra Bowling Club, with our top quality TigerTurf BowlsWeave surface.

The Korrumburra club members worked through a thorough assessment process before selecting the best surface for their new greens, visiting local clubs and clubs around Victoria to talk to members and play on as many different bowling surfaces as possible.

TigerTurf BowlsWeave emerged from this assessment process as the best surface for playing on, and for its other outstanding qualities. After Korrumburra members had bowled on the BowlsWeave surfaces at the Phillip Island and Lilydale bowls clubs, the decision was made to install the TigerTurf BowlsWeave on both greens at Korrumburra.

The TigerTurf installation team excavated the existing sand-filled turfs and sub-structure, then planned and built a base construction that would stabilise the new surface, and keep the greens well drained, even after heavy rainfall. TigerBond was applied to bond the base, the underlay put in place over the base, and then the BowlsWeave was laid to complete the installation.

BowlsWeave is a remarkable, woven, non-filled surface, manufactured by Crystals Greengauge Surfaces Ltd, marketed and installed by TigerTurf. We installed it with a comfort pad beneath the surface to avoid the leg fatigue suffered by some players. The surface incorporates a laser-controlled, engineered base that gives a consistent, true surface, with perfect draw and reliable speed. The BowlsWeave surface produces a durable, all-weather green that is accredited to international standards.

These BowlsWeave greens have already elicited positive comments from the members, and from visiting players. As proud hosts, it is now the turn of the Korrumburra Bowling Club members to endorse their BowlsWeave greens as the preferred playing surface.

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