Synthetic Turf Specialist

Metlifecare Bayswater Retirement Village

Mt Maunganui, New Zealand

The residents at Bayswater Village in Mount Maunganui are thrilled with the fresh green look and the serviceability of the new TigerTurf lawn and walkway around their community centre.

The new TigerTurf landscape lawn and paths have been a great hit at the very attractive Bayswater Village in Mount Maunganui.

Initial discussions with the Metlifecare management team at Bayswater established that reliable drainage, comfort and safety were paramount to the success of this project. In addition, the new landscaped area is over a car park, which needed to be kept waterproof.

Our suggestion was to use a TenCate Sine® shock pad to give effective drainage, a dry, even surface, and cushioning for safety, with TigerTurf Envy for the lawns and TigerPlay for the paths.  With a concrete pad beneath for stability, and only minimal fall for drainage, our local TigerTurf Agent, BayTurf, applied some technical know-how and the the TenCate Sine® shock pad.

To protect the car park beneath, a waterproof membrane was laid over the concrete pad. Then the TenCate Sine® shock pad was installed. The cellular, multi-functional structure of the pad provides effective lateral and vertical drainage, along with stability and shock absorbency. Air as well as water flows through the cellular structure of the TenCate Sine® pad, keeping the surface cool and dry.

TigerPlay was used for the paths, a short, durable turf designed for use where safety is particularly important; and our popular TigerTurf Envy 35 was laid for the lawn areas, a remarkably natural, soft synthetic grass. Only minimal maintenance is required for these surfaces, and they’ll remain safe and serviceable in all weather conditions.

The sand fill used in these grasses increases the cushioning underfoot to give a very comfortable surface; the TenCate Sine® pad conducts water flow between the grass and the concrete pad beneath to keep the surface dry.

The landscaped area is a delightful place to walk, and will remain that way, with effortless good looks and a dry, comfortable walking surface all year round.

Date Project Completed: December 2015

Area: 870m2

Surface: TigerTurf Envy 35 and TigerPlay

Base: Concrete with waterproof layer

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