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Multi-Sports Courts in Portland

Portland, West Victoria

“We are delighted with the court, it looks amazing. Our son is so excited to be able to play hockey at home.” TigerTurf is just as delighted to know the new court is performing well and giving such pleasure.

A TigerTurf tennis court can serve more than one purpose. This beautiful court is a family tennis court with a TigerTurf Evo Pro multi-sports surface, which gives a fantastic game of tennis, and is loved by hockey players too.

You can enjoy tennis with family and friends, work on your serve, or get into developing some serious hockey skills – it’s all possible on a TigerTurf court.

The TigerTurf Evo Pro surface has an amazing list of attributes. Manufactured using the most advanced monofilament yarn technology, it is ideal for premium level tennis and hockey. The stick travels across the top of the yarn, not the sand, and, because Evo Pro is a grain-free surface, the player has freedom of movement in all directions. Just what is needed to succeed with some of those trickier hockey techniques.

Good news for tennis players too, who will find the surface offers consistent bounce and good spin, as well as being non-slip and comfortable underfoot – you’ll appreciate that on a long, hot day!

Our multi-sports turfs have been designed with performance characteristics to support several sports at a top level of play. Now, you don’t have to choose between a tennis court or hockey practice surface – you can have both, and more.

Because the synthetic surface looks good all year round, remains stable and usable in all weather, it can be used for sports and recreational family activities. Throw a party, hold a wedding, enjoy a family game of volleyball, or al fresco lunch for the extended family and friends – your TigerTurf court will play its part in any occasion.

Furthermore, if the youngsters want to play touch rugby or soccer – this surface is well suited to that too, being soft and presenting good ball hold. Did we mention durability? Evo Pro gives a longer playing life than any other turf product on the market. Great value all round.

Date Project Completed: February 2016

Area: 580m2

Surface: TigerTurf Evo Pro

Base: Existing concrete base

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