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Rangitikei College

Marton, New Zealand

Rangitikei College shares its world-class TigerTurf sports centre with the community in a winning combination. Sports teams from the school and community are now training on the superb surfaces at the all-weather sports facility. 

The local tennis and hockey training facility had been flooded and was now unusable. The school’s courts were asphalt, unsuitable for serious competition and no fun for anyone.

Hockey, netball and tennis all played within one installation 

These two negatives added up to one fabulous positive – a fabulous new TigerTurf sports facility. Where once worn grey asphalt courts languished unloved is now a splendid multi-sport centre, with a hockey training facility including tennis and netball courts for top level competition.

The solution was a shared one: the local Rangitikei District Council contributed part of the funds to build the courts and hockey pitch.

Rangitikei multi-sports centre includes hockey, tennis and netball

Rangitikei College engaged TigerTurf to provide the world class sports facility shared by the College and community. 

The new multi-sports centre was cleverly designed to include a half sized hockey pitch, with three netball and tennis courts within the pitch, the bright, contrasting colours clarifying the boundaries for players.

TigerTurf also installed a Mapei acrylic court for top level performance netball and tennis. 

TigerTurf worked with a local constructor to build the dynamic free-draining base and to re-build the fence after the turf was installed.

The benefits of this international level facility are numerous: one multi-sport surface engineered with the high performance attributes needed by tennis and netball players, as well as the essential qualities to support fast and furious, hockey games. 

TigerTurf shock pads alleviate stress of high speed sports

To reduce the impact on players’ joints during the many hours of practice they put into their training, TigerTurf installed a 10mm shock pad beneath the turf.

Being high impact sports, these games can take their toll on players’ bodies if adequate protection is not provided to avoid the stress of constant jolting on growing joints.  Not to mention the ageing joints of some community teams who like to keep in shape with regular tennis games on long summer evenings.

The new courts comply with FIH standards and the sports teams can now train according to their timetable, regardless of weather conditions, on the new turf, all year round.

Date Project Completed: April 2017

Area: 2,950m2

Surface: TigerTurf Trophy and 10mm shock pad

Base: Dynamic free draining base

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