Synthetic Turf Specialist

Te Rangi Hiroa Reserve

Auckland, New Zealand

An exciting new playground has been built for the Rainui community, featuring some challenging obstacle courses to develop children’s physical, mental and social skills. They’ll certainly sleep well after a day out at this park!

With some fairly high equipment, the safety requirements were stringent and complex, so TigerTurf has installed our TigerPad safety matting beneath the bright green TigerPlay surface to absorb the impact from falls and landings. All your family will find something to enjoy in this comprehensive community playground, which includes a basketball court and BMX Track.

A large and attractively presented area, it features a background of fresh green TigerPlay turf, with bright white markings, some interesting textures, and bright orange poles. The playground comprises many different levels and mounds to accommodate some amazing high climbing equipment designed to build strength, agility and coordination.

Some of the equipment also encourages cooperation between children to help each other overcome obstacles along the way. Little ones will enjoy running and tumbling down grassy green slopes of soft TigerPlay laid over a TigerPad to cushion tumbles and falls.

Surfaces, textures and equipment combine to encourage vigorous exercise that will keep the family busy all day. Pack a picnic, plenty of water and sun cream – you’re going to have fun!

The challenge for TigerTurf was in meeting the safety fall height requirements to comply with every piece of playground equipment. Because the gradient of the sloping ground is steep beneath some of the equipment, we took great care to comply with the need for adequate safe fall precautions. There are many mounds, along with climbing walls and other apparatus, designed to push children to extend themselves.

TigerTurf was able to meet all safety fall height requirements, allowing the children to explore, climb, jump and fall safely. Bringing synthetic turf into public playgrounds greatly reduces the need for maintenance from council staff, and provides a pleasant setting that blends easily with the rest of the reserve.

The clean artificial grass surface keeps the playground fresh and cool on the hottest days, and remains safe on wet days. With no clover to attract bees, no prickles or hay-fever problems from grass pollen, the playground is going to be a fabulous place for a family day out.

Date Project Completed: June 2016

Area: 360m2

Surface: TigerTurf TigerPlay over 45mm TigerPad

Base: Existing rubber matting

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