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The TigerTurf Team behind the TigerTurf Grass

By admin on January 8, 2017

Unlike natural grass, TigerTurf grass doesn’t make itself.  It’s created by a dedicated, highly trained and experience team of people who know how to make the best quality synthetic grass in the world.  Nuu Moa Silli has been working the machines for over 26 years; Richard Cherrie has been plant supervisor for over 12 years.  Many others have been with TigerTurf for over 6 years.

Over the next few issues of TigerTalk we’d like to introduce you to our production team.  The team have over 100 years accumulated experience.  These guys know what they’re doing and we’re really proud of them.

The factory manufactures over 40 different surfaces for a range of sports and recreational activities.  A field, or Multi-Sports surface is produced base from a “roll plan” which stipulates how many rolls are needed and layout required for each roll.

When “creeling up” to produce a new carpet, the team starts with threading the yarn through tubes to  between 250 and 800 needles with up to three or four different coloured yarns.  Many of the playing lines are tufted into the TigerTurf surface requiring the exact right thread goes through the exact right needle.

The yarn is then tufted into a specially produced backing cloth while little knives cut the loops at the specified height to create the blades of grass.  Throughout this process, quality checks are made to ensure every aspect of the manufacture meet TigerTurf’s high quality standards.  Any glitches (they do sometimes happen) are quickly identified and rectified.

The freshly manufactured rolls of grass are then moved to the backing machine where a latex compound is applied to the back of the grass, binding the looped threads to the backing and providing durability and stability to the turf.  The roll carries on through the temperature controlled oven to set the latex and, if required, perforate the final surface to ensure it is water permeable.

TigerTurf’s Auckland plant has multiple tufters producing a range of different short and long pile surfaces and has the capacity to produce over 2,000,000m2 of turf per annum.

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