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Lay off the synthetic grass kids

By admin on September 5, 2016

Lay off the synthetic grass kids, warns Tennis New Zealand performance coach

The latest message coming out of the sports national body from their performance coach is that leading young players should develop their skills on clay courts.

The news article quoted tennis NZ performance coach, Marcel Vos, as saying that our tennis clubs should be providing clay or, next best, hard courts, for young players to develop their skills on. It is regarded as the best surface for players to develop their game on, as a clay surface offers higher bouncing balls, and contact is from the waist and higher, rather than low bouncing shots. 

While recognising the need for these types of surfaces, some tennis critics in the local associations believe clubs should go with whatever surface suits their membership. Synthetic grass tennis courts have proved to be more popular with New Zealand tennis clubs than have clay courts and hard surfaces for practical reasons. The advantages of synthetic courts outweigh hard courts and true clay courts so it’s easy to understand why clubs continue to move to synthetic:

• Natural clay courts are expensive and require constant maintenance.
• Tennis can be played soon after rainfall – in a country like New Zealand with high rainfall, this is significant.
• It is less expensive than hard courts when the lifetime and replacement is taken into consideration. [Synthetic turf courts last twice as long as acrylic hard courts.]
• Synthetic courts are much more forgiving on joints for both young and old.
• Maintenance is much cheaper than clay courts and even hard courts need care and cleaning.
• Synthetic grass courts help to protect the underlying asphalt substrate from cracking and can “bridge” small cracks in existing surfaces. 
• Even in damp conditions synthetic courts have superior foot traction.

Tennis clubs can choose the right TigerTurf surface to suit different standards of play, different types of players and the club budget.


Most players prefer synthetic turf courts over a hard surface, which is why synthetic grass tennis courts are more popular.

Recreational tennis players appreciate the intrinsic qualities of TigerTurf synthetic grass tennis surfaces; players can enjoy an excellent standard of tennis on a comfortable, non-slip turf that is safe to play on soon after rain. They only require a low level of regular maintenance to keep them in excellent condition.

The TigerTurf artificial surfaces absorb some of the impact that would otherwise stress young and older joints – great for regular players.

TigerTurf offers a synthetic clay tennis system, which provides a realistic, economic tennis court surface for those clubs that do coach young performance tennis players.

We also offer hard court surfaces in two specialised acrylic finishes. The hard tennis surface Vos most likely refers to in his article as being the best alternative to clay courts would be our cushioned acrylic hard surface. This a rubber mat underneath an acrylic resin system, and is the surface typically used in international ATP or WTA tennis tournaments and played on in tournaments such a s the Australian Open. The cushioned acrylic hard tennis surface would certainly be suitable for developing the skills of talented young tennis players and other players who prefer hard courts.

However, the synthetic grass courts will inevitably be the preferred tennis surface for tennis clubs, offering a choice of high performance tennis systems that are all preferred by the majority of tennis players.

Synthetic turf courts give young players the opportunity to start playing tennis and become enthusiastic about the sport at an early age and then the best of them may develop their game on other international surfaces. There is a need for surfaces to satisfy this niche of club players, but that decision is up to each individual club. TigerTurf offers a full range of synthetic courts, including a synthetic clay and hard court acrylic systems, most of which have been rated and tested by the International Tennis Federation (ITF). 

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