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Synthetic Turfs Give Schools Options

By admin on March 1, 2018

TigerTurf offer a greater choice of Turf so your students have a greater choice of Sports.

Schools want to give students a greater choice of sports, in order to engage more children in physical activity. However, providing the right sports facilities requires space and funding which is at a premium at many schools.

TigerTurf artificial grass sports and landscape turfs have been adding value to primary and secondary schools around the country for over twenty-eight years. And schools are seeing the benefits of synthetic turf for a range of applications, keeping costs and maintenance to a minimum while maximising the use of precious space.

TigerTurf offer durable artificial grass turfs for three core applications in schools:


TigerTurf multi-sports turfs

Suitable for:  Tennis, Netball, Basketball, Hockey, Football, Junior Cricket

TigerTurf multi-sport courts extend the usability of sports facilities and numbers of students playing sports on one top quality sports turf. The versatility of top-quality multi-sport surfaces benefits schools in several ways:


TigerTurf sports systems for field sports

Suitable for:  Football, Futsal, Rugby, Hockey, Cricket outfields

Grass sports fields can cause headaches for schools, drying out to hard dusty, often slippery, summer surfaces, becoming muddy mires in the winter months just when they are in demand. Constant maintenance is required to keep these fields playable and safe: mowing, rolling, spraying, irrigating, drainage, and re-applying marking paint.

No surprises then that international football and hockey are now often played on artificial grass turfs, and practice facilities use synthetic grass for consistent playing conditions that are not dependent upon the weather. Our field sport turfs closely resemble natural grass pitches, but offer more benefits for schools:


TigerTurf hockey fields

Suitable for:  Hockey, Tennis, Netball, Basketball, Junior Football

Hockey is tremendously popular in schools and in the community. Investing in an all-weather top quality TigerTurf hockey pitch adds lasting value to your school. Years of research and consultation resulted in the development of TigerTurf WETT Pro and Evo Pro, both world-class hockey surfaces recognised by the international hockey community for their star qualities. Both can be used wet or dry. TigerTurf’s Trophy is another excellent hockey surface, which is also accredited for tennis. All are extremely durable, high performance multi-sport synthetic turfs, accredited by ITF and FIH.

Some tangible benefits for your school include:


TigerTurf artificial grass for cricket and athletics

Suitable for: Cricket and Athletics

Cricket wickets were one of the first turf’s TigerTurf developed when we started business in 1981.  For over 36 years TigerTurf has specialised in synthetic turf cricket wickets, responding to changes within the game, and in consultation with the cricket community.


Cheerful, easy-care interactive playgrounds

Suitable for:  Junior school and pre-schools playgrounds

TigerPlay and our other playground surfaces are practical, all-weather systems which can include colourful graphics and activities on the surface itself. These are designed by the school and TigerTurf to provide learning opportunities, the development physical skills, and interactive play amongst groups of students.

With minimal care, our colourful playgrounds remain bright and cheerful for years of daily use, safe for children in sunshine or rain, and irresistible for even the shyest students.

TigerTurf playground surfaces can be laid underneath playground equipment with special cushioning pads beneath the surface. These have been tested against “Critical Fall Height” regulations to provide “soft fall” for up to 3 metres. Our playgrounds exceed government safety standards, and we take particular care with the safety of all playgrounds we install in schools and playgrounds.


TigerTurf landscape grasses revolutionise school playgrounds

Suitable for:  Playgrounds, lawn areas, general beautification

TigerTurf landscape lawns are the answer to many school ground woes.

Deceptively hardy, TigerTurf landscape lawns make once dull, scuffed shabby areas functional and beautiful. Envy XWR 35 is an attractive, yet durable, landscape grass TigerTurf has developed for just this purpose. Students and staff find our landscape settings relaxing and refreshing for tired minds.

Ask TigerTurf to advise you on the right synthetic sports system for your school. TigerTurf uses yarn produced exclusively by TenCate Grass, the top producer of artificial grass yarn in the world. Our long-lasting synthetic turfs have been designed for playing performance at the top level of every sport. Some of our products are specialised for particular sports, others have been manufactured with the qualities required for several sports, designed for schools, family courts and community sports clubs.

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TigerTurf manufactures and installs high quality products for a range of sports, leisure and landscape applications.

We are committed to providing expert knowledge and advice on synthetic turf products and systems, along with exceptional customer service before, during and after your purchase.