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TigerTurf hockey turfs lead the field

By admin on August 24, 2015

TigerTurf hockey turfs outplay the competition

There are synthetic hockey fields, and then there are TigerTurf synthetic hockey pitches, with proven quality, performance and durability over 10 years of hard play by hockey teams at the top of their game. Just as the players push themselves to better their game, TigerTurf continuously refines the performance of our hockey surfaces. Feedback from the women and men who use our products, technical advances in fibres and processes, and respect for our environment all influence our design and production of new artificial hockey turfs.

Texturised monofilament hockey fields

New Zealand and Australian hockey teams from club level to international have tested our monofilament fields during the last decade. If you are looking for a playing surface that allows your club to host international and national tournaments, these are the surfaces you need. The grain-free surface of WETT Pro has encouraged our players to develop the daring and unorthodox playing techniques that give them the edge in competitive play.

In the 10 years since we led the field in using this radically innovative fibre for our hockey turfs, we have installed more than 100 monofilament hockey pitches in New Zealand and Australia, both wet and sand-dressed, and these testify to the consistent performance and enduring quality of our technical TigerTurf hockey pitches. Other turf producers may have (eventually) followed our lead in using monofilament fibres in the production of sports turfs, but they are well behind us in the process of honing the performance of these specialised turfs.

Star performers: WETT Pro and EVO Pro

TigerTurf research and design teams at our centre in London have worked hard on improving the playability and durability characteristics of this product. Step by step, they have built on earlier developments as new technologies are adapted and players’ comments are carefully considered. These refinements have produced our current star performers in the world of hockey pitches: TigerTurf WETT Pro and EVO Pro synthetic turf systems.

Check out our recent installations:

These hockey pitches all look superb and offer more performance attributes than any other hockey turf.

High performance hockey surfaces designed to last

While you are browsing, have a look at some TigerTurf hockey pitches we installed over the past few years, which display the durability and consistency characteristics we mentioned earlier.

Talk to any facility managers lucky enough to have TigerTurf pitches and you will find out what makes a TigerTurf hockey surface stand out from the competition.

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