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Sylvia Park Plaza

Auckland, New Zealand

Now you can enjoy Sylvia Park’s fresh, green lawn all year round 

Take time out from the bustle of shopping next time you are at Sylvia Park.  Enjoy a comfortable seat under the trees on a fresh green TigerTurf lawn amongst the cafés and restaurants.

The attractive and relaxing green TigerTurf lawn, complete with seating and gardens, in the Plaza at Sylvia Park has become a popular meeting spot in which to chat or give young children a break from shopping.  

It was created to give shoppers a convenient place for a chat with friends or to sit and rest for a while, close to the cafés and restaurants. The lawn and outdoor seating has proved popular with shoppers who appreciate the cool lawn and seats in the fresh air.

The dense yarn surface absorbs sound, reducing the intrusive clatter of crockery, chairs dragging and people talking, to create a peaceful seating area.

TigerTurf Summer Envy 35 XWR for high-use public areas

Beneath our attractive, yet hard-wearing, Summer Envy XWR lawn, TigerTurf installed our TenCate Sine shock absorbing pad. Designed and tested to form a multi-functional base system for TigerTurf sports and landscape turfs, the Sine pad drains the surface effectively while safely absorbing the impact of walking and any possible falls. 







Sine Drainage and Shock pad

Good news for shoppers with tired legs and mums with young children. Take time to refresh yourself, while enjoying the lush lawn, graceful palms and comfortable seating in a quiet garden setting.

Date Project Completed: January 2018

Area: 140m2

Surface: TigerTurf Summer Envy XWR over SINE Shockpad

Base: Existing base

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