Five reasons why a MUGA is a cost-effective investment

The versatile nature of a multi-use games area, or MUGA for short, makes it the ideal area for multiple sports and activities. These facilities are a vital source of fun, exercise and education for young people across the country, yet the first question most people ask is how much a MUGA is likely to cost. – In reality, these facilities offer a cost-effective solution. Here are 5 reasons why.

  1. Extended play
    Getting maximum use from a sports facility is a common objective for those looking to invest in artificial grass, or upgrade their macadam playground. Synthetic turf is non-slip – even in the rain – meaning that play doesn’t have to end just because of the poor weather. This allows for the sporting facility to accommodate play for a longer period of the academic year.
  2. Greater versatility
    As the name suggests, a multi-use games area is suitable for many sports such as tennis, netball, football, cricket, and hockey, while flexible netting can be used so that several different sports can be played on the synthetic surface at once. This flexibility ensures that schools maximise their sports offerings in an economical fashion without compromising on much-needed space.
  3. Hard-wearing and long-lasting
    When investing in a new sports facility, you want to know that you’re buying into quality and longevity. Cross play surfaces such as the Multisport 20, made out of hard-wearing yarns, are designed with sustaining high performance over time in mind. This means that players will continue to benefit from a synthetic surface that performs to their highest expectations for many years to come.
  4. Additional income
    A MUGA’s utility doesn’t end with providing a safe environment for a school’s pupils, they can be used as an additional revenue stream if rented out to local clubs too. The versatile and professional nature of the synthetic surface can serve to attract numerous sports clubs and local groups to rent out the pitch. As a multi-use games area can be used for multiple sports, there are few limits on the local groups that can make use of the space – this additional income will help to offset any ongoing maintenance costs and keep the facility in perfect shape.
  5. Easy maintenance
    Unlike natural grass which requires intensive, ongoing maintenance to keep it at a high standard, artificial grass requires much less work to keep it looking and performing at its best. The coloured lines on a MUGA will not fade, come rain or shine, even when exposed to rigorous play. While the synthetic surface is also more resilient making it far less likely to get damaged compared to natural grass.

As long as those investing in a MUGA maintain their pitches correctly, they will continue to have access to an all-weather pitch for the next 10-15 years. So, why not make 2019 the year that you give your club some facilities to be truly proud of?

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