Three MUGA success stories

f you’re at a school or sports club currently exploring your options when it comes to a new artificial grass pitch, we’d like to think we can help. But rather than give you a detailed list of the benefits our MUGAs can bring, we thought we’d take a different approach.

The benefits a MUGA can bring extend far beyond merely being able to facilitate a number of different sports and games – a claim all three of these three advocates can vouch for:

  1. An increase in income for Winston Churchill School

    We all know schools are more expensive to run than ever, which means many are exploring new ways to either reduce expenditure or bring in new revenue streams.

    The latter is exactly what Woking’s Winston Churchill School did. As a specialist sports college, excellent sports facilities have always been considered a given, but the school’s business manager wanted to go one step further.

    The installation of an Evo Pro surface, with its vivid colour and clear markings, created an inviting area for pupils to play – so much so, in fact, that the pitch is now operating at 90 to 95 percent capacity, compared to just 50 per cent previously. Its use for around 15 hours in the week and 8 hours over the weekend has also doubled previous levels of usage.

    The overall result? A 60 per cent increase in income from this area, and a payback period of just four to five years.
  2. International School of Prague’s year-round play

    When it comes to youth sport, the end goal often isn’t about making money – it’s about giving the budding athletes of the future more opportunities to play. At the International School of ague, this really was a challenge as the school’s soil type and weather conditions forced its natural grass pitch to be closed from November until March each year.

    The installation of a new Premier Pro 60 pitch allowed the school to offer not just two football pitches, but a surface boasting a combination of colours and lines for an almost limitless list of playing options all year round.

    The new Multi-Use Games Area is now open every day of the school year, even throughout the winter and after a spell of poor weather – attracting numerous local sports clubs to hire the pitch in the process.
  3. Inspired youngsters at Pike Fold Primary School

    The traditional playground has historically been reliant on the imaginations of a school’s children to make playtime an exciting time for all.

    But that’s certainly not the case at Pike Fold Primary School in Manchester after its MUGA installation. The school specifically asked for a for a running track and lines for football and basketball, which was achieved by laying Evo Pro lines in a variety of different colours. With a 5mm rubber shock pad underneath, the whole system has created a safe and fun environment for the children of Pike Fold School.

    The new surface is now being used before school, during PE lessons and during break times – not to mention a variety of after school clubs which weren’t on offer previously.

If reading these standout examples of how beneficial a new MUGA can be, why not take a closer look at our range of artificial grass Multi-Use Games Areas?