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Guest blog: Why artificial grass sales are growing across the UK

By admin on July 27, 2017

With recent reports stating that sales of artificial grass for gardens are up year-on-year, it appears that more and more of the UK’s homeowners are choosing low-maintenance alternatives to natural lawns. Here, Carl Taylor at Bespoke Lawns gives his thoughts on why the grass may well be greener.

Having been installing it for five years, it’s clear to us that the market for artificial grass is getting stronger all the time. Even we’ve been surprised by how much the market has grown in that time, and there are a number of factors that have influenced this rising popularity.

Changing times

The main difference has been the change in people’s attitudes towards the product, which is mostly down to the improvements that have been made over the years. The surfaces are much better now than they were ten years ago; they’re more realistic, they’re softer underfoot, and people can choose from an array of colours and textures depending on what they want from their lawn.

But it’s not just the aesthetics that have changed; the technology has advanced considerably, too. The drainage is better and their durability has improved, as manufacturers have begun to use their sports expertise within landscape surfaces. This means they can offer longer and more comprehensive guarantees.

Hectic schedules

Everybody craves outside space, and a garden in good condition is like having another room. That said, people are also a lot busier nowadays, so most don’t have time to give natural grass the attention it needs – anyone who has children or pets will know how quickly it can become damaged.

That’s why so many homeowners are relieved to find out they can have a perfect artificial lawn with very little maintenance. Even keen gardeners can still have nice flower beds, but with a lawn that stays flawless all year round. We’ve found that artificial grass especially popular among those without any garden space, with a growing number of people installing it on their balconies.

Seeing is believing

The effect of increased exposure isn’t to be underestimated. People are seeing artificial grass around much more frequently nowadays, not only in their neighbour’s gardens, but also in public spaces, in workplaces, and in pop-up bars and restaurants.

In fact, that versatility is another reason why it’s becoming so popular – there are such a wide variety of artificial grass garden ideas that people can take inspiration from. It might be that a customer likes having natural grass in the back garden, but they want the same kerb appeal from their front garden without all the maintenance. Or they might have children who are sports-mad and need a durable space that will work for everybody. Or it might even be the parents who are the sporty ones – we’ve made plenty of artificial putting greens over the years! The point is there’s an option for everyone.

Looking forward

So what does the future hold for artificial grass? For me, it will only go from strength to strength. There are so many benefits to having an amazing outdoor area which needs so little upkeep, that once people have tried it, they never go back. We’ve installed artificial lawns for customers who have later moved house, and then installed another one for their new property.

Of course, you’ve still got to choose the right grass and it has got to be installed in the correct way, but once those initial discussions have taken place there really is no reason why somebody can’t have the perfect artificial lawn for years to come. Whether it’s an elderly couple who don’t want the hassle, or a young family who don’t have the time, that’s a hugely appealing prospect.

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