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TigerTurf Media >> Blog >> Introducing Newest TigerTurf Product: Majestic Pro Brown Thatch!

Allow us to introduce our newest TigerTurf synthetic grass product! Our Majestic Pro turf incorporates vibrant dual colors tones that include olive and field green yarns and brown thatch. This product is perfect for any landscape area that experiences medium to high amounts of foot traffic. Paired with an 80 ounce face weight and soft diamond de-lustered grass blade shape, this turf is a durable high quality solution for any residential lawn, commercial property, pet park or playground area!

Majestic Pro with brown thatch incorporates heat and frost resistant technology as well as a U.V. stabilizer within each grass blade to ensure that your turf will not fade and remain green and groomed for years to come! Its high face weight allows for any amount of foot traffic ranging from moderate to heavy foot traffic. If you are used to having guests, little ones, or pets running around, Majestic Pro with brown thatch is the ideal choice for an active home!

Through tuft bind technology, every grass blade is triple reinforced within the synthetic turf’s backing, proving it to have an outstanding pull-force resistance! Majestic Pro with brown thatch is backed by our 15 year warranty, guaranteeing that your synthetic grass lawn will stay pristine and vibrant through any weather condition or foot traffic!