Synthetic Turf Specialist

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By working closely with raw material supplier Tencate, TigerTurf yarns are constructed to meet high standards of durability, performance and appearance. TigerTurf’s fibrous yarns are equipped with specific blade designs as well as UV stabilization formulated within each blade so your synthetic grass will stand tall and stay green all throughout the years.


TigerTurf products are built to last through any sports team foot traffic, playground games and backyard barbeques. The yarn material features the latest coating technology so all of life’s spills are easy to clean up and resist stains. Our exclusive ‘W’ yarn gives the turf fiber a “memory-like” reaction—the blade shape can withstand high amounts of pressure and still bounce back to its original stance. TigerTurf is strong enough to last through the toughest weather and is ideal for any high traffic landscape.


By incorporating Tencate’s standards and materials with the TigerTurf manufacturing, TigerTurf U.S. guarantees top quality synthetic grass products for homes, offices and fields.