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Everything you didn’t know about our latest artificial clay product

By admin on March 31, 2018

In 2018, we’ll be launching Advantage Clay – the latest addition to our portfolio of artificial grass tennis courts. We caught up with Daren Hibbert, our Technical Manager, to get a sneak preview of the new product’s top features and benefits.

What can you tell us about the new surface?

Advantage Clay is our latest tennis product, and the result of months of research and development. In technical terms, it’s constructed from a monofilament PE yarn with a 12mm pile height which is then filled with red silica sand.

What all this means is that it performs very similarly to natural clay. In other words, slower than a standard UK tennis court, but with the consistent bounce that players have come to expect from artificial grass.

How did its development come about?

Our existing artificial clay surface, Clay Court Pro, has an ITF court pace rating (CPR) of 2 (medium-slow). It’s great at what it does, but we discovered through market research that CPR 1 (slow) actually provides a more accurate reflection of a natural clay court. That told us we needed to provide clubs with another option, which offers a completely different style of play.

What sets it apart from other surfaces?

This is a first for TigerTurf, as we have never had a tennis product that complies with CPR1. In fact, there are very few artificial grass systems out there that can offer this slower playing speed, so it’s a good point of difference for us as a manufacturer. By using a specifically designed TenCate yarn, we’ve also been able to make sure that Advantage Clay product offers the performance and longevity needed for clubs to have confidence in their investment.

Are there any particular benefits to artificial clay courts?

Natural clay courts are hard to come by, particularly in the UK. They’re expensive to maintain, and don’t do well in wet weather. Artificial clay provides all the benefits of playing on clay, without the maintenance issues.

There’s a real opportunity for clubs that do invest in an artificial clay court (or courts). Firstly, it means players can get used to different types of courts, and develop the different skills each one requires. Secondly, it immediately gives you a unique selling point to potential members – something that other clubs in the area probably won’t have.  

Who is the new product for, principally?

The beauty of this product is that it can be used by players at all levels of ability and at all age ranges. Because of the slower speed, they’re particularly handy for younger or older players, or those who are fairly new to the game. That said, a slower court can mean longer rallies, which can help even advanced players to learn a more tactical side to the game.

For more information on choosing the surface for your school, check out our guide to selecting and maintaining artificial grass tennis courts.

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